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2022 Wedding Trends: A Guide on Reception Colours, Themes, Menus, and More!

It’s been a tough few years for engaged couples who couldn’t experience their dream wedding because of COVID-19 restrictions. Many had their civil marriage, but postponed the reception to a later time when it’s safer to celebrate.

It seems that time has finally come! 

Wedding venues and vendors are preparing for an influx of bookings this year as restrictions ease up. That means thousands of couples are looking for 2022 wedding trends that they can use as inspiration for their big day. 

So, what’s trending for wedding receptions in 2022? This is the ultimate guide for brides-to-be! 

Experiential Wedding Receptions

Studies reveal that Millennials and Gen Z couples are into experiences rather than material things — and that reflects in how they choose to celebrate weddings. This year, we’ll see wedding receptions become a more immersive experience. 

To host an experiential wedding reception, every aspect of the event (floral installations, table setups, music, lighting, and menu) must be used to awaken all the senses of the guests. Every element is important. You probably think your guests won’t notice the little details, but they all tie together to form an experiential reception. 

All of this becomes possible when you pick your wedding venue wisely. 

You need a place that exudes character on its own but provides the perfect blank canvas — allowing you to decorate it exactly the way you want. The venue can make or break a wedding reception, so it’s important to ensure that it’s capable of providing that experiential factor you dream of. 

The Rise of “Anniceptions” 

Have you heard of the word “anniception”? It’s a combination of the words “anniversary” and “reception,” — and we’re seeing it take 2022 wedding trends by storm.

After the long wait, we’ll see many couples celebrate the reception part of their wedding this year, and we mean the whole nine yards — wedding breakfast, arrival, cake-cutting, first dance, speeches, etc. What turns it into an “anniception” is the fact that many couples choose to hold this reception on their first (or second!) anniversary. 

It’s all about fun and laughter. Some even choose to walk down the aisle again or have a symbolic ceremony to recreate the solemn aspects of their wedding. 

Multiple-Day Wedding Receptions 

Multiple-day wedding receptions will probably be one of the most popular 2022 wedding trends. 

Soon-to-be-newlyweds are realizing that they don’t need to squeeze the reception festivities in one day as how it’s traditionally done. For 2022, we’ll see couples hold multiple-day celebrations, sprinkling the welcome party, ceremony, and reception over several days.

Adding other fun activities into the program is also a popular trend. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, you can hold a welcome bonfire, giant sleepover, and cap off the event with a detox party over a span of two to three days. 

Contrary to traditional wedding receptions, multi-day celebrations are very casual, relaxed events — much like a wedding and vacation in one.

a bridal party celebrates their reception at The Loft on King

Photo credit: Hilary Dean and Love by Lynzie

Wedding Reception Colours of 2022 

This year, white and other neutral/muted colours won’t be as popular as they used to be. People want to see a pop of colour — and this will affect all facets of the wedding, from the flowers and decorations of the venue down to the accessories and invitations.

Here are some of the colours you’ll see at wedding receptions this year:


One of the biggest 2022 wedding trends to emerge from the pandemic is dopamine dressing, or dressing with the intent to boost your happiness. It doesn’t really matter what colour it is because what makes each person happy is subjective.

That means we’ll see more bright weddings in technicolour this year, not just in terms of attire, but in wedding reception decor, themes, and floral arrangements as well. 

Green Tones

Sage, olive green, pine green, and moss — there are just so many shades of green to choose from!

You’ll see all sorts of green hues pop up in bridesmaid dresses, invitations, tablescapes, and all sorts of wedding accessories this 2022. Pair it with shades of brown, white, or gold for a breathtaking combination of colours!

Terracotta and Rust

We saw these warm hues in boho and rustic home styles last year, but you’ll see them take centre stage at wedding reception themes this year. 

Wondering what other colours will complement terracotta and rust? Try cream, peach, nude, mauve, and platinum.

The Loft on King dinner reception

Storytelling with Food and Drinks

Your guests are here to witness your wonderful milestone, but trust us when we say they’re also in it for the scrumptious food. This year, more couples are choosing caterers who can make the dishes thoughtful and personalized — a menu that will give their guests a glimpse of their love story through the food that will be served. 

For instance, you can add both your favourite childhood dishes to the menu or ask your caterer to include the type of food you had on your first date. Couples are also becoming more adventurous. Their willingness to “let loose” with the menu and how food is served is truly refreshing.  

So, what about the drinks? Aside from signature cocktails, we’ll also see more mocktails rise in popularity as modern-day couples add inclusivity to their reception details. 

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