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2023 Wedding Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Now that the pandemic is mostly behind us, couples are going all-out with their wedding plans. Next year, we’ll see more full-throttle wedding celebrations—with others even opting for a full-weekend itinerary!

So, if you’re planning to get married and are looking around for 2023 wedding trends that are set to be huge, you’re in for a treat. From colour schemes and dresses to reception entertainment, The Loft on King has compiled all the things that are going to be ‘in’ next year. 

Say Yes to the Wedding Dress! 


Designers are opting for wedding gowns in sheer fabric or layers of tissue-thin materials. You’ll be surprised, but sheer can be manipulated to project a variety of looks: ethereal, alluring, heavenly, or even sweet!


When it comes to styles, you have plenty of options to choose from. For necklines, asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder, and off-the-shoulder with sleeves will take the front seat in 2023.

Dimensionality will also take a new life in the shape of 3D floral wedding gowns and capes in the same fabric as the dress for a more sculptured look. Cape-like sleeves will also give your overall wedding look depth and that wow factor every bride is looking for.

Colour Scheme

Next year, blue will be the new white in the wedding dress department. Experts predict lighter shades of blue will dominate 2023: baby blue, porcelain, periwinkle, dusty, and other blue hues. It’s a universally flattering colour, so there’s no need to worry if it will look good on you! 

If you’re more of a traditionalist, go for white and just add blue highlights. For example, you can wear blue shoes with a white dress or use something blue in your wedding bouquet and other accents (e.g. garter, nail polish, veil, makeup, etc.)

A bride wearing a light blue wedding gown

Wedding Entourage Outfits 

Should your wedding entourage wear the same colour as you? In 2023, not necessarily. That’s because we’ve long moved away from uniform outfits. 

Next year, intentionally “mismatched” attire for the entourage—that when put together still create a cohesive look—will be in style. Make sure to provide guidance so you can get the vibe you’re aiming for: colour palettes that work well together, prints vs. solid colours, long vs. short, etc.

Ceremony Backdrops 

Backdrops are a staple in wedding ceremonies because they create a focal point in the space—be it the ceremony area, dessert table, or photo booth. Here are the types of wedding backdrops that will be trending in 2023:  

Arches That Aren’t Arches

Arches are typical, but arches in creative shapes aren’t. Wedding planners say unique arches will make it to the list of 2023 wedding trends. Think triangles, hexagons, diamonds, and other abstract shapes—your imagination is the limit!

Boho-Inspired Designs

Natural and sustainable designs took centre stage in 2022 and will continue to be trendy even next year. Wedding backdrops for 2023 will feature more rattan lanterns, macrame, and dried florals such as pampas grass, wheat, bunny tail grass, and driftwood branches.

Eco-Friendly Elements 

From the ceremony backdrop down to wedding invitations, food, and venue, here’s how you can incorporate sustainability into the event: 


Eco-friendly catering is one of the 2023 wedding trends that will have a huge moment in the spotlight. Count on it that sustainable wedding meals and drinks will come out on top. 

Look for caterers who get their supplies from local farmers and have a focus on seasonal cuisine. This will cut down your carbon footprint from long-distance shipping just to get ingredients from other places. Also, consider serving full-vegetarian meals or plant-based meat. 

A wooden crate with fresh vegetables

The same goes for wine. Choose natural and organic wine in biodynamic bottles for a more eco-friendly wedding celebration.


If you want to be trendy and environmentally conscious at the same time, pick a wedding venue that takes sustainability seriously. There are event spaces that are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Energy Star certified. Other venues actively recycle and take other steps to be kind to Mother Earth.


Sustainable wedding invitations are also on the rise. They look great and will cut down your carbon footprint too. There are many eco-friendly options to choose from—recycled paper, upcycled fabric, wood, leather, and invitations embedded with seeds are some of the most trendy wedding invitation papers you can use.

Less Plastic and Less Buying

More couples are doing their best to reduce their impact on the environment on their wedding day. 

Next year, there will be a decrease in the use of single-use plastics, paper plates, plastic glasses, paper napkins, and such. Also, instead of buying, there will be more renting of chinaware, linens, table cloth, and runners. 

Reception Entertainment 

What’s in store for 2023 in the wedding entertainment department? Experts are seeing fire dancing and circus performances, palm reading, face painting, live painting, and other unusual forms of entertainment.

VR party arcades and retro game machines where guests can play and compete with each other are also predicted to be popular next year. 

Wedding Favours

The best way to end a perfect wedding day is to send them off with a gift bag containing useful items. Hangover kits filled with silk sleep masks, cereal bars, coffee sachets, face wipes, eye masks, lip balm etc., are set to make a splash next year.

A wedding setup at The Loft on King

The Trendiest Venue in 2023 and Beyond

There are venues that trend for a year, and then there are others that are simply timeless. That’s what The Loft on King is.

The Loft is a stunning mix of heritage architecture and modern elements that complement any style of wedding celebration. Incorporating 2023 wedding trends into your special day will be easier than ever at this stunning venue in downtown Toronto. 

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