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Engagement Ring Trends and Designs for 2024

Are you gearing up for the most memorable moment of your life in 2024? If a wedding proposal is on the horizon, then you’re in for an exciting time!

Step one is getting the ring. Engagements and weddings need the perfect rings to symbolize the promise of forever. To help you make this moment even more special, we curated this list of the latest engagement ring trends that will get a “yes” in a heartbeat.

Here are the best engagement ring designs and trends for 2024!

    1. Vintage Engagement Rings

A vintage-style ring with a green gemstone and yellow gold band
Image Source: Canva

Step back in time with the enduring charm of vintage engagement rings. These engagement ring designs boast intricate details like filigree, milgrain, and engraving inspired by Art Deco, Victorian, or Edwardian influences.

Going vintage is charming, timeless, and one of the few engagement ring trends that will never go out of style. They also give you a lot of options for personalization, as they can be made with different metals, diamonds, and gemstones!

    2. Classic Solitaire Settings

Engagement ring with a classic solitaire setting and a simple band
Image Source: Canva

Looking for something simple and classic? You can’t go wrong with a classic solitaire setting, a design which features a single centre stone set on a plain or slightly embellished band.

This style dominates engagement ring trends almost every year because they suit any shape or size of diamond or gemstone. Solitaire rings are the best choice for people with a minimalist aesthetic, but if you want to make more of a statement, you can also get away with custom designs enhanced with different metals, cuts, or setting styles.

    3. Diamond Halo Rings

 Double-banded engagement rings with a diamond halo setting
Image Source: Canva

Another trendy engagement ring design that’s going strong in 2024 is the diamond halo—a circle of smaller diamonds or gemstones that surround the centre stone.

Diamond halo rings offer a glamorous and romantic look for those who want something ✨ sparkly ✨ but still elegant, which is why they’re one of the most popular engagement ring trends.

    4. Pave Band Rings

 A classic solitaire ring resting on a pave band ring
Image Source: Canva

Need more sparkle? Pave band rings feature tiny diamonds or gemstones set closely together on the band, creating a dazzling effect that resembles a paved road.

This is one of the best engagement ring designs for anyone who loves that extra sparkle and shine. You can wear them alone or you can stack them with other rings for more drama. Either way, they’re surely going to wow the guests at your engagement party!

    5. Cathedral Settings

 A pair of cathedral-style engagement rings surrounded by pearl beads
Image Source: Canva

Another popular engagement ring design that’s both timeless and classic is the stately cathedral setting. These boast a centre stone raised above the band by arches or prongs, which resemble the arches of ancient cathedrals.

This setting is always on trend because it looks majestic and elegant while enhancing the brilliance and size of the centre gem. It can be paired with any shape of diamond or gemstone, but it looks especially stunning with round brilliant or princess-cut diamonds.

For an extra bit of glam, add a pave band or a hidden halo beneath the centre stone.

    6. Oval-Cut Diamonds

 An oval-cut diamond engagement ring design worn on a person’s ring finger
Image Source: Canva

Oval cut diamonds were created by Lazare Kaplan in the 1960s, and since then they’ve been one of the most enduring engagement ring trends.

Rings with oval-cut diamonds have a similar brilliance and fire as round diamonds but offer more value due to increased surface area and carat weight. Their more elongated shape can also make your finger look slimmer and longer.

They’re a great choice for people who want a flattering and unique look at an affordable price. They’ll really pop at your engagement photoshoot!

    7. Pear-Shaped Gemstones

Pear-shaped gemstone engagement ring
Image Source: Canva

Trendy engagement rings aren’t limited to diamonds—consider pear-shaped gemstones if you’re looking for something more colourful but equally valuable!

Pear-shaped gemstone engagement rings are one of our favourite trends for 2024, as they offer a distinctive and feminine look that makes a statement. Whether it’s blue sapphire, pink morganite, or green emerald, they can be made to match any colour palette.

You can also pair them with diamonds and other gems to create a stunning contrast!

    8. East-to-West Settings

A trendy engagement ring with an emerald center stone in an east-to-west setting
Image Source: Canva

If you fancy more innovative and modern engagement ring designs, you’re in for a treat with the east-to-west setting.

This engagement ring trend features a centre stone that’s horizontally set on the band (as opposed to the more traditional vertical alignment). This creates a fresh and contemporary look that shows off the shape and beauty of your chosen centre stone.

Pro tip: East-to-west settings can work with any shape of diamond or gemstone, but they look especially striking with fancy or elongated shapes like pear, marquise, or oval.

    9. Toi et Moi Rings

 Toi et moi engagement ring design with a combination of sapphire and emerald gemstones
Image Source: Canva

Toi et moi is French for “you and me”, and in jewelry-speak, to wear this ring means the union of two souls. What else could be a more perfect sentiment for an engagement ring?

Design-wise, toi et moi rings are known for having two centre stones set side by side or intertwined. Your partner might love it if you use a combination of your birthstones.

💍 Fun fact: Many famous people like Jackie Kennedy have worn variations or toi et moi rings for their engagement or wedding rings. It’s an enduring and romantic engagement ring design that will wow anyone—especially your partner!

    10. Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement ring design
Image Source: Canva

Step into romance with the warm and rosy hues of rose gold engagement rings.

Rose gold is made from a combination of pure gold, silver, and copper, which is what makes the beautiful rose gold colour. Rose gold engagement rings can be paired with any type of diamond or gemstone, from white to black to pink.

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