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What To Do If There’s Rain on Your Wedding Day

Spring and summer have always been popular seasons to get married in—while it may be sunny, there’s also a chance of rain.

If the climate decides to rain on your parade when you walk down the aisle, then what are you supposed to do? Here are some effective ways to deal with rain on your wedding day!

Is Rain on Your Wedding Day a Bad Omen?

Dark skies, heavy rain, and thunder are often associated with bad luck due to the gloomy setting they cause. Contrary to popular belief, there is an old “rain on your wedding day” superstition that says otherwise!

In Hindu culture, a wet knot is more significant than a dry one since the former is harder to unravel. By ‘tying the knot’ on a rainy day, the weather blesses the couples with solid unity and endless love for each other. Besides that, the spiritual meaning of a rainy wedding day also conveys fertility, cleansing, and renewal.

Here’s What to Do About the Rain on Your Wedding Day!

Before you choose a wedding date, it’s customary to check the predicted weather. However, the forecast can always change, and sudden rain showers can come at any time. That’s why you must monitor your weather apps to see any climate shifts. Doing so opens new planning possibilities to brace for the unexpected and helps you shift your plans if needed.

 A couple consulting with their wedding planner

Coordinate a Plan B With Your Planner

You can always rely on your wedding planner to overcome any common event planning challenges. Their expertise can save the ceremony since they can provide instant solutions when it rains on your wedding day.

Let’s face it: rain is unpredictable and arrives without hesitation. Before it ruins your day, collaborate with your wedding planner to form a plan B.

If plan A was an outdoor event, make sure that plan B features an indoor wedding venue. One of the benefits of an indoor wedding is that it keeps everyone and everything safe during the peak of a rainstorm. Hosting an indoor wedding will preserve your preparations and allow you to continue without taking a raincheck!

Make Advanced Preparations for Plan B

Weeks before D-day, you must finish plan B preparations to avoid any last-minute stress and worries. Below is a checklist of what needs to be completed:

  • Check with your current venue if they have an indoor space big enough to accommodate your guests. If none, that’s when you look at different events places for availability.
  • Make sure your indoor plan B venue is something you love. It wouldn’t be a happy wedding without you and your partner’s seal of approval.
  • Like with plan A, set a feasible budget for plan B.
  • Considering the weather, prepare a “dry kit” for all your guests. This should include an umbrella, a raincoat, plastic shoe coverings, and a towel.
  • Coordinate with all your guests to inform them of the venue change if the weather doesn’t improve on your wedding day.

Always Keep Your Guests’ Safety and Comfortability in Mind

Planning for your wedding also means thinking about your guests. You need to consider their comfort level and how you’ll keep them in a good mood throughout the ceremony. If it happens to rain on your wedding day, ensure your guests arrive safely at the venue. Also, provide details about the safest way to get to the event location.

Upon their arrival, prepare an umbrella entourage by the entrance. This can help them stay dry and keep their outfits clean. As they wait for the ceremony to begin, prepare refreshments to keep your guests comfortable.

Proceed With Your Wedding Day Flow

Once you’ve done everything possible, there’s nothing left to do but to continue with your wedding day flow. Remember to be flexible, so you can quickly adapt to any changes. Embrace the challenges that arise and face them with your inner powers. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and capture endless wedding photos that will be the sunshine through the rain.

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Skip the Stress: Book The Loft on King for an Indoor Wedding

Skip climate-induced wedding stress when you book an indoor venue. Don’t let your months of planning and hard work go to waste because of the weather.

Rain on your wedding day doesn’t stand a chance when you book The Loft on King as your venue! This historical, modern-chic space has 1,850 square feet of space and can accommodate a standing and seating capacity of 200 and 120, respectively. Our team is here to help you turn all your wedding dreams into a spectacular reality.

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