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The Benefits of an Indoor Wedding Reception in the Summer

When summertime comes around, you’re bound to hear the sound of countless wedding bells. But why are couples so drawn to getting married during the warmest time of the year? 

It’s most likely because the season gives couples a choice between an indoor wedding venue or taking the party outside — so everyone can enjoy the sun and scenery on their special day.

But is an outdoor venue really the best choice when the temperatures begin to rise, or is an indoor wedding venue still a better option? Let’s take a look at the six benefits of an indoor wedding venue!

The 6 Benefits of an Indoor Wedding Venue 

You and your guests deserve some fun under the summer sun. But considering how unpredictable Mother Nature can be, it’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t all sunshine and roses when you hold your wedding outdoors.

Here are six ways an outdoor reception could go wrong and why opting for an indoor wedding venue can eliminate those risks:

1. You Don’t Have to Worry About the Weather

The weather is more consistent in the summer, so you shouldn’t have to worry about rain, right? Wrong! It could still rain on your parade. 

But rain isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. Strong monsoon winds are also a potential problem. You don’t want your guests holding down your decor to keep it from flying into outer space or end up with all your ornaments scattered like litter on the ground.

The weather is never an issue with an indoor wedding venue. Rain, thunder, wind, or haze won’t stand a chance of ruining your plans. You can spend the night before your wedding getting your beauty sleep, instead of worrying and constantly checking the weather forecast!

2. Beat the Sweltering Heat

Another issue you might experience with an outdoor wedding reception is intense heat. Summer days can be brutally hot, making you and your guests feel uncomfortable.

Hot temperatures can make you feel exhausted much more quickly or worse, cause dehydration. Not to mention running makeup, frizzy hair, sweat sticking to your clothes, food spoilage, and a melting cake might end up taking away the enjoyment of your big day. 

With an indoor wedding venue, you can take control of the elements. Thanks to air conditioning, you can keep everyone cool and comfortable throughout the ceremony — and your food, cake, hair, and makeup will all remain on fleek. 

3. Avoid Harsh Lighting

It can be intensely bright during the summer, which can make your wedding photos look completely washed out. If you’re bent on having an outdoor reception, it’s best to do it later in the day when the sun isn’t as intense.

However, if you don’t want your time to be limited, an indoor reception is the way to go. You can avoid the harsh sunlight and set up the perfect indoor lighting that brings out everyone’s inner glow. 

A wedding setup with gold lighting at The Loft on King

4. Win the Battle with the Bugs

People go out more often during the summer to enjoy the warmth. Unfortunately, so do bugs.

Mosquitoes, flies, spiders, bees, wasps, cicadas, and other insects are very active during the summer months. Some are just emerging from their resting phase, while others are getting ready for their winged adult life. This is why they go out in the summer in full force

You can use repellent bracelets or set up fans to ward them off, but unfortunately, repellent bracelets don’t work for the majority of people and a few fans can’t really push all the hungry mosquitoes away from your guests. The safest, fool-proof solution to avoid those pesky critters from bugging you is to opt for an indoor wedding venue.

5. Easy Access to Restrooms

If any of your guests needs to use the bathroom or retouch their makeup, they might need to take a hike to get to a comfort room. 

An indoor wedding venue has facilities —restrooms, parking, kitchen, etc.— within reach for the comfort and convenience of its guests. No need to worry about anyone missing out just because they can’t get back from their restroom trip in time for the ceremony.

6. An Indoor Wedding Venue is More Cost-Effective

Gardens, vineyards, orchards (or whatever outdoor venue you want to use for the reception) often cost a hefty amount to fully prep for the festivities.

You’ll need some kind of shade, like a tent or teepee, to protect everyone from the sun or rain. Spaces will also need to be allocated for dancing and entertainment. Don’t forget about the table and chair rentals as well. With everything that needs to be rented, you can easily find yourself spending way more than you should with an outdoor wedding.

Also, most of these venues are in out-of-the-way locations, which means you have to allocate an extra budget for travel.

The Loft on King indoor wedding venue setup with lush overhead foliage and potted plants for a green wedding

Indoor Wedding Ideas: Three Ways You Can Add a Touch of Nature 

What if you really want an outdoor reception but don’t want the risks that go with it? Is there anything you can do? 

With a little creativity, you can get the best of both worlds by making an indoor wedding venue look like an outdoor space with these three simple indoor wedding ideas:

7. Garland Runners

A bunch of greenery like eucalyptus, ivy, moss, rosemary, or willow can add a natural touch to an indoor venue. They’re easy to work with and are more cost-effective than displaying bouquets of flowers in vases.

8. Green Trellis, Arches, and Overhead Installations

Tall arches and trellis made of leaves and natural elements (like branches and lush foliage)  attached to the ceiling can create a nature-inspired aesthetic. 

9. Potted Plants and Wooden Decor

You can bring big potted plants inside the venue and use them as decoration. Adorn the tables with lots of small plants in terracotta pots. 

Wooden decor like rough slices of wood from a tree trunk can be used to display your cake.


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Beat the Heat with a Stellar Indoor Wedding Venue 

Celebrate your big day in a space that’s weather-proof and climate-controlled. You’ll never have to worry about your decor being knocked down by the wind, your buttercream cake melting, and your beautiful makeup running.

The Loft on King is the perfect indoor wedding venue you’re looking for.

Located in the heart of King West, The Loft offers a blank slate for guests to customize as they see fit. When its stunning, historical architecture meets your vision, you’ll find yourself experiencing the wedding of your dreams. From the menu to the decor, discover how we can help you plan your wedding.

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