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The Benefits of Having Company Happy Hour Events

No one wants to be that company that’s all work and no play. 

There’s no denying that happy employees are more productive. Generally, getting high-quality output from your employees should be fuelled by a healthy work environment that values the employees’ smiles as much as the miles they run in the office. 

This is why it’s important to host the occasional happy hour event. This way, your team can unwind after checking off those work tasks, bond with their colleagues, and celebrate being a part of such a wonderful company.   

Read on to discover the importance of treating your team members to happy hour events! 

a group of employees enjoy happy hour at a local restaurant

Why You Should Treat Your Team Members to Happy Hour Events

Happy Employees Are Less Likely to Quit

Employee retention is a big highlight here. It’s no secret that work can trigger burn-out for some employees, especially if they seem uninspired in the office. More often than not, this is what prompts them to quit.

Rather than constantly hiring new employees, keep the current ones smiling by celebrating even the little things at work.

Does your team look exhausted from working on a new project? Did you guys just close a deal? Is it someone’s birthday? Or is it just an average “Thirsty Thursday”? Whatever it is, invite your employees to happy hour at a popular bar or snack house!

Who would want to quit when the company treats them to steak and cocktails, right?

Happy Employees Are More Creative

Studies have shown that happy employees are more likely to innovate and come up with creative solutions that help their organization hit targets.

When you’re happy and at ease, the creative juices tend to flow more freely.

 A group of happy employees working together

Happy Employees Are More Productive

Employees who enjoy being at work can concentrate on their tasks more effectively. This means they usually succeed in completing their daily work assignments. 

Happy employees are also more motivated to perform at a higher level and are likely to deliver beyond what’s expected of them.

Happy Employees Learn Faster

Because happy employees are more relaxed and their mental well-being tends to be more balanced, they are much more open to learning new things—and they learn them faster too. This raises their overall skillset and effectiveness at work. 

Happy Bonding Experiences

Happy hour events with the team is a chance to see each other as friends rather than just colleagues. 

Even the non-occasions are worth celebrating with a drink. Here’s a toast to making the mundane magical. 

Happy Hour Can Be Anywhere

Keeping employees happy and motivated with happy hour events is super easy, as it can take place anywhere! 

You could always host events at the office and treat employees to drinks and snacks. On the other hand, if you wish to stray from the “work feel”, you could easily book one of the top venues in the city, like The Loft on King.

Top Corporate Happy Hour Ideas

  • Choose a venue that will encourage them to loosen up;
  • Make it a themed party to allow employees to have fun dressing up;
  • Consider the preferences of each employee so you can prepare appropriate food and drinks;
  • Encourage non-work conversations and activities;
  • Plan team building activities that will bring your employees closer together;
  • Incorporate a fun learning experience, such as quick workshops;
  • Give out prizes to activity winners; or
  • Hire a motivational guest speaker.

A group of employees performs at The Loft with the use of hula hoops

Happy Hour Events Made Happier at The Loft

The Loft on King is an event space in the heart of downtown Toronto, perfect for all corporate and private party needs including large gatherings, intimate socials, as well as happy hour drinks and snacks after a long work week.

Located in The Loft is Pablo’s Snack House, a creative Latin-inspired venue offering “fiesta hour” from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. with $5 wine, $5 snacks, and $20 pitchers of sangria and margaritas.

Contact us today to book your event or request more information!