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Why Your Conference Needs a Cocktail Reception

What’s the one thing you need to make your next conference a lively and engaging event?
A cocktail reception, of course.

While conferences are generally where people come together to discuss a particular topic in a corporate event space, there’s no reason why the reception can’t involve some fun—or why networking needs to be so serious and stuffy!

We’re about to fill your glass with all the reasons why your conference needs a cocktail reception, as well as some exciting corporate cocktail party ideas.

🤝 The Many Benefits of Cocktail Parties

    1. They Encourage Socialization

During the actual conference, most people will stay in their seats and only talk to those sitting directly beside them as they understandably focus on the presenters. This is great for learning, but not so great for networking with new people.

Cocktail receptions are great ideas because they are an opportunity for people to network and discuss everything they’ve learned during the day!

    2. They Help Extend Your Guestlist

The “standing event” setup of a corporate cocktail party reception unleashes more perks than you might initially think. Without the need to set up large tables at the venue, you’ll instantly get more space and be able to stretch your guestlist to include way more people.

As far as networking events go, the more the merrier. The last thing you want is for people to feel as if they’ve spoken to everyone an hour into the party.

    3. They Create a Friendly Atmosphere

The main point of a conference is to discuss a specific topic, but how do you get people to start talking and sharing innovative ideas?

Ideas come alive in dynamic spaces. When your venue encourages people to stand and interact with others, your guests are liable to feel more welcome and included. This kind of atmosphere encourages creativity and opens the door for networking.

 People cheersing cocktail glasses

    4. They Help Build Your Brand

It’s no secret that conferences are great opportunities to build your brand, whether it’s by presenting, running a booth, or paying for ads. However, have you stopped to think about the opportunities to do these things at a corporate cocktail party?

To up your likeability factor as a business, consider pouring some branding techniques into the conference reception mix. Creating a “signature cocktail” will surely give people at the corporate cocktail party something to think about and remember.

Curate a drink that will sum up who you are as a brand. Think about colours, smells, garnish, and other aspects of the presentation, too. Your drink could be the talking point that helps people initiate valuable conversations—or at least take the edge off.

This is just one of many ways to build your brand at a corporate cocktail party!

💡 Corporate Cocktail Party Ideas

Now that we’ve sold you on why you need to host a party, it’s time to start thinking about conference reception ideas that’ll take things to the next level:

    1. Incorporate an Exciting Theme

Corporate party themes come in all shapes and sizes.

Have you invited everyone to discuss your business’ aim to leverage technology to further fuel business growth? Then why not welcome your guests into a space that’s designed to embody your big leap into modernity. Go for futuristic, AI-inspired decor featuring chrome and silver colour palettes to take the vibe to new awe-inspiring levels.

If your event is more about celebrating company milestones and the incredible work that brought your business to where it is today, consider immersing your attendees in nostalgia. Highlight your company’s history by incorporating a retro theme that bridges the past and present—and gets them extra excited about the future.

    2. Hire a Mixologist

Having a bartender who specializes in the art of mixing cocktails present at your event will add major plus points to the overall entertainment levels.

These experts have drink-making down to a science, meaning they’ll be able to whip up whatever your reception guests may order (including your signature drink). They may also be willing to give out tips or even show your guests some tricks. Hiring a mixologist is a surefire way to click with cocktail-loving crowds and good ideas flowing.

If you want people to remember your reception, then this is the way to go!

 A neon sign that says “cocktails”

    3. Curated Swag Bags

Here’s something we can all agree on: people love free stuff!

As such, swag bags are always a must-have at your reception. Not only do they add to the excitement of attending events, but they’re also great for branding. Customizing gifts to include your brand name will ensure your audience remembers you.

Opt for items that are actually useful in your bags. Think tech accessories like travel chargers, portable power banks, smartphone printers, mini projectors or actual samples of your best products—functional is the way to go!

🥂 Say “Cheers” at The Loft on King

Now that you know the reasons to host a corporate cocktail party, you can start looking at where to hold yours. When it comes to extraordinary conference reception ideas, hosting it at a private event space in the heart of downtown Toronto tops the list.

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Talk to our team today for more corporate cocktail party ideas!