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Best Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Corporate events shouldn’t be boring. Far too often they leave attendees watching the clock and waiting to leave, when they should leave them wanting more!

These events are more than just social gatherings; they send a message about your company and who you are as a brand. When you strike the perfect balance between business and fun, your guests feel more connected and motivated—people should feel rewarded for doing awesome work that helps to grow your company!

So, rather than putting your people to sleep, check out these 11 entertainment ideas for corporate events sure to elevate your work party to a new level.

Entertainment for Corporate Events:

    1. Escape Room

There’s no escaping the facts: people love escape rooms.

They’re challenging, fun, and exhilarating, and serve as a perfect opportunity for team members to bond as they work through tricky puzzles. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re one of the best entertainment ideas for corporate events.

Your corporate event should never feel like work—nobody likes biting into a dessert only to discover it’s filled with vegetables. However, you might find an escape room that forces your team to problem-solve in new ways will ultimately help them on the job. Nothing like being locked in a room with the team to force some outside-the-box thinking!

Guests enjoying an escape room at a corporate event

    2. Karaoke

Ready to turn your corporate event into the ultimate hit?

Karaoke is the secret sauce for a recipe that breaks down barriers, boosts team spirit, and turns colleagues into harmony-filled heroes. Whether you’re a CEO with pipes of gold or a shy intern with a hidden voice, karaoke is the greatest equalizer. Trust us with this one!

    3. Arcade Games

Speaking of party games, you could also go the opposite route and bait their nostalgia with some retro arcade offerings.

From Super Mario to pinball and even Pacman, nobody can get enough of these classic games. Not only will they serve as top-tier entertainment for corporate events, but they also do a great job at adding Instagram-worthy aesthetics to the night.

Looking for a space in Toronto that has pool tables and arcade games? Book your corporate event at Petty Cash!

    4. Photo Booth

Sure, cell phones have made it easier than ever to snap photos, but nobody can resist the allure of a retro photo booth! Entertainment for corporate events should be about making memories, and these are perfect for doing just that.

Whether it’s the nostalgia, the fact that you can get instant prints as a souvenir, or the fun experience of squeezing into the frame with your team as the timer counts down, photo booths just feel different than professional photographers.

    5. Live Music

Blasting a stellar playlist through the venue’s speakers is great, but it will never create as much of an electric atmosphere as live music!

The latter is simply engaging and interactive. From the powerful feeling of having the bass hit your chest to seeing the musicians actually perform, there’s an unparalleled energy to live music that can’t be topped. If you’ve been contemplating whether you should hire entertainment for corporate events, know that live music is a total win.

    6. Dance Floor

Dance floors are mood makers, icebreakers, and focal points.

Corporate events tend to have a reputation for lacking in the fun department, but a bright dance floor can drastically boost the mood. Who knows, team members who usually don’t communicate as much with each other might suddenly find themselves connecting over some fun dance moves. No matter what kind of company milestone you’re celebrating, everyone will enjoy it more if they feel it brings them together.

A dance floor at a corporate party

    7. Corporate Comedian

Your team works hard, which is why they deserve a good laugh that gets all those endorphins flowing to fight off those stress levels.

If you want to hire entertainment for corporate events, comedians make an excellent choice. You’ll find that there are plenty who specialize in corporate events, which ensures a more relatable and—somewhat—appropriate performance.

    8. Caricature or Cartoon Artist

Don’t underestimate art as top-tier entertainment for corporate events!

Hiring a caricature or cartoon artist will surely give your guests a fun experience. The work they produce will make for some really memorable souvenirs that your employees can look back on or even put on display in their homes.

    9. DIY Dessert Bar

Who doesn’t love dessert? After being served a delicious dinner we recommend ending the night on a high note—with a dessert bar!

A DIY dessert bar is always a fun idea for a corporate event. You could make it all about s’mores, where guests can roast the marshmallows themselves over an open flame and then add some delicious toppings. Or you could always go for a cupcake station where guests can decorate them with unique sprinkles and colourful frosting.

    10. A Themed Event

Themes are always a good idea, but sometimes it can be difficult to source all the supplies and equipment needed to really bring your vision to life. Luckily, Abbey Road Entertainment has it all! From giant games, to virtual reality headsets, to DJs, they’re masters at finding the right type of entertainment that’s sure to elevate your event.

    11. The Idea Hunter

Hunting for entertainment ideas for corporate events becomes a breeze with The Idea Hunter.

With their interactive event services such as live painting, giant word search walls, psychic energy readings, chocolate graffiti, and edible balloons (yes, you’re reading that right), there’s no way your attendees will even have time to yawn.

Host Your Corporate Event at The Loft on King

So, as you’ve learned, planning entertainment for corporate events matters and shouldn’t be missed! Whether it’s an escape room or a DIY dessert bar, there are so many options to choose from that are sure to get your team involved.

The venue you choose matters, too. The Loft on King is a stunning historic building in the heart of downtown Toronto that features up to 1,850 sq. ft. of space—no matter what type of entertainment you plan, it’ll serve as the perfect backdrop to your celebration!

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