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Stunning Fall Wedding Colours That Will Dominate 2022

When you think of fall, what comes to your mind? Burnt orange leaves falling to the ground? The fresh, musky scent of soil and undergrowth in the air? Both the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze on your face?

It all sounds like the perfect time of the year to get married. No wonder so many couples fall in love with fall weddings!

If you’re planning to get married this fall and are wondering what palettes are trending, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up 11 of the most popular fall wedding colours that will dominate 2022:

1. Shades of Red

Shades of Red

Maroon, claret, burgundy, rose madder, crimson, carmine, salmon pink—there are a bunch of shades from the red family you can choose to use for your wedding reception. It’s the perfect palette for a rustic fall wedding.

You can utilize a lot of natural elements inspired by this palette to decorate your reception area. You can use flowers (of course!) to liven up the place, or if you want to get really creative, you can also make use of different berries and add them to your bouquets and centrepieces. 

Mix and match these shades with gold, and you’d be surprised how elegant it looks.

2. Pumpkin and Sage

Pumpkin and Sage

No other colour could be more autumnal than pumpkin and sage. Whether you make it the main shade for your bridesmaids’ dresses or as an accent at your wedding reception, it’s the perfect colour combination. 

You can even get real pumpkins to make that backdrop even more autumnal. And the best thing is, even your food and drinks can match the colour theme. From cocktails and soups to desserts, there are endless options you can serve with an orange tinge!

3. Emerald Green and Pale Pink

Emerald Green and Pale Pink

This combination never gets old and is set to make a huge comeback in fall wedding colours for 2022. Use emerald green and pale pink in your floral arrangements, spring boutonniere, balloons, invitations and save the dates, wax seal stickers, menus, and seating chart displays. Don’t be afraid—it’s a classic, so you can never go wrong with these colours!

4. Ochre and Blush

Ochre and Blush

Give your fall wedding a brighter and fun twist with ochre, blush, and different shades of orange. These bold tones go well with floral accents, wooden decors, Russian olive branches, amaranth, and other natural elements. 

Why not go big and bold with a large cake decorated with fruits in vibrant colours? It will surely catch the attention of your guests and make them look forward to dessert time. When things slow down a bit after all the dancing, you can encourage guests to warm up by the fire and play games while they wrap themselves in cozy blankets that match your colour scheme.

5. Shades of Deep Purple and Lavander

Shades of Deep Purple and Lavander

Shades of dark purple, when paired with lavender, make for a very whimsical fall wedding theme.

If purple is your favourite colour, you don’t have to hold back—use it any way you want! There are so many purple materials to choose from: purple orchids, calla lilies, tulips, anemone, aster, and other seasonal flowers to make for a breathtaking arrangement. 

You can create a ceremony arch made from lilacs and greeneries, fill the ring bearer’s box with fragrant lavender cuttings, hang purple neon signs, and other small details that would complete a deep purple and lavender wedding theme.

6. Mustard Yellow with Natural Green

Mustard Yellow with Natural Green

Create a lush, elegant wedding reception by combining mustard with natural green. This colour combination might be a little more muted than ochre and blush, but mustard can add a shining statement in centrepieces, flower arrangements, bridal party outfits, ring boxes, and even a pair of heels!

Don’t forget to add a brush of gold to your invitations and reception decor to add a subtle shine to them.

7. Navy and Gold

Navy and Gold

Want to know what fall wedding colours are warm and cool at the same time? Yup, it’s navy blue and gold! This colour combo will certainly make for a sophisticated backdrop to fall-inspired florals and decor. 

You can also use neutral colours with blue or gold trimmings. For example, a bouquet of white lilies wrapped with blue satin ribbons, blue plates on a gold tablecloth (or the other way around), and even your wedding cake can be blue with dustings of gold. 

8. Cranberry and Peach

Cranberry and Peach

Cranberry and peach look surprisingly good together. The contrasting colours can make any fall wedding look super chic. No wonder this colour combination that trended in 2021 will continue to be popular this year!

9. Slate Grey and Gold

Slate Grey and Gold

Gold and the stone-like colour of grey exude a sleek, sophisticated look without overwhelming the eye. It’s a versatile combination that you can incorporate into just about any aspect of your fall wedding: plates, tablecloths and napkins, invitations, wedding favours, and even the bride and bridesmaids’ manicures, shoes, and accessories! If you prefer a brighter colour palette, focus on marigold and go for grey undertone trimmings. 

10. Dusty Rose and Champagne

Dusty Rose and Champagne

Dusty rose is one colour that can bring out the best in any skin tone and complexion. It’s one of the reasons why this colour is timeless—you can look at your wedding photos after 20 years, and you’d be surprised at how this fall wedding colour palette is still relevant! Match it with champagne so you can complement the look without breaking the soft vibe.

11. Copper and Greens

Copper and Greens

Copper makes a wonderful colour palette if you’re getting married n the fall. Pair it with some natural greens and sure enough, you will have Instagram-worthy photos

Some ideas for accents include copper vases holding white and green bouquets, copper candle holders, copper utensils with green ribbons, dark green invitations with copper letters, and so much more!


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