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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue

Picking the perfect wedding venue for your special day is one of the most exciting (yet sometimes overwhelming) steps in planning your wedding. One of the biggest challenges that couples face is knowing where to start. There are so many options to choose from and various things to consider while making your decision. Everything from the quality of the venue to numerous other practical aspects as well can quickly sour the experience. So, to help you along on your journey, we’ve put together these essential tips for a quick and seamless wedding venue search.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Be Clear on Your Vision, Guest List, and Budget

One thing that we need to establish right away is that this is YOUR special day. Regardless of what one person’s opinions are for the perfect wedding, your wedding is about you and the person you love. It’s a celebration of your romance and a milestone in your love story. 

With that said, it’s important to start by having a clear vision in your mind of what you and your fiancé expect from a venue. We encourage you to look for inspiration online and put together a vision board to cover the theme or aesthetic you’re trying to achieve.

It’s also important to discuss how big or intimate the ceremony will be. Having the guest list finalized early will be a big help as you look for an appropriate space. And of course, one of the first major practical aspects to consider is the budget. However daunting, it’s important to create an estimate of how much you want to spend.

These three components may not seem like a lot but they will help see the big picture – especially for our next step, consulting a wedding planner.

Consult a Wedding Planner

Before looking at potential venues, you should first consider getting in touch with an experienced wedding planner. Now that you have your vision, guest list, and budget in order, your wedding planner will be able to analyze anything that might need further improvement. 

Their experience will help guide you with added insight and valuable advice.

Furthermore, wedding planners have a vast network of contacts for everything you’ll need for your wedding – including wedding venues so prepare to get blown away with options! Along with optimal wedding venue choices, they can also help you obtain special events insurance in case of unforeseen financial losses due to postponements or otherwise.

What to Consider When Comparing Venues

You’ve made it to the stage where you’ve narrowed your wedding venue choices. To make things easier for you we’ve compiled a list of considerations you should address when comparing venues.

Keeping your vision, guest list and budget in mind, you may want to look at the various pros and cons of each venue in a systematic way. Therefore, we’d recommend making a spreadsheet where you can organize the different venues by the subsections below. We also recommend sharing this file with your wedding planner to help them gain a better understanding of your vision

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1. Availability of the Venue

For some couples, the date of the wedding can be very important. This depends on specific spiritual beliefs, sentimental attachments, a preferred season, long-distance family/friend attendees, and so on. As you compare venues, note the available dates and see how they align with your ideal timeline.

2. Location of the Venue

Choosing a venue also comes down to the location. Some things to consider when deciding on a location are accessibility for attendees, practicality (indoors during colder seasons, destination weddings or backyard weddings), as well as proximity to lodging for your guests. The external surroundings of the wedding venue can also play a part in the overall experience – especially if the venue has a view or is situated on a rooftop patio.

3. Venue Rates and Inclusions

Include a space in your spreadsheet for the running rates. You’d want to include this because it is a major practical consideration when aligning with your budget. Some venues have a higher rate because they have more inclusions. Some wedding venue inclusions are: a partnered catering service, AV equipment, chairs, tables, linens, wait staff, and so on. As you consider rates on your spreadsheet, make sure to factor in all possible inclusions.

4. Capacity

Another important consideration is the venue’s capacity. How many guests will be in attendance? For the reception, would you prefer a sit-down meal or hors d’oeuvres with standing service? All of these considerations influence the venue capacity as seating and standing arrangements differ.

5. Possible Layouts

If you plan to have all aspects of your wedding (ceremony, cocktails and reception) in one location, make sure that the venue can accommodate accordingly. Some venues like The Loft on King will give you and your wedding planner ample freedom to design the layout, allowing for various types of creative solutions to make the most of the space and capture your vision.

6. Style and Aesthetics

Decoration can only go so far in creating your dream wedding. The facade of the building and the interior design of the venue itself is integral in achieving the desired experience. For many people, visual factors are highly important. If this sounds like you, you definitely want to include notes on style inspirations and themes in your spreadsheet.

7. Accessibility and Parking

Another practical consideration in maximizing guest attendance is choosing an accessible venue with nearby parking. Handicap-friendly locations are a huge plus because they allow every guest to partake in the excitement! No matter the venue destination, you may want to include a guide in the invitations with detailed directions and parking specifics.

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most iconic cities in Canada and is loved by locals and tourists alike. If you’re planning on having your wedding in Toronto, you deserve the best the city can offer.  

The Loft on King boasts a versatile and unique venue space situated in the heart of downtown Toronto. Within the walls of its timelessly-beautiful architecture, this wedding venue offers complete creative freedom to help bring your perfect day to life.
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