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How To Nail Your Client’s Photoshoot Prep

As a photographer, a good photoshoot prep can make or break your session – especially when you’re working with paying clients. The quality of your photoshoot prep will determine the flow and success of your photoshoot, for both high-production projects or even for simple in-studio product photoshoots

Proper photoshoot prep is a strong quality of a good photographer, and you can use this stage in the creative process to ensure that you meet, or even exceed your clients’ expectations. After all, a successful photoshoot isn’t only measured by the output, but by the entire experience of working with the photographer on set. 

If you have a project coming up soon, you’ll love these photoshoot prep tips that will help you snap the perfect shot, click with your clients, and ace it with flying colours. Let’s dive in!

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Photoshoot Prep Tip #1: Know the Client’s Guidelines   

Before you dive into your photoshoot prep ritual, it is highly recommended to learn your client’s brand in an in-depth manner. Know what their brand wants, their personal needs, and what kind of output they are expecting.

Ask your client for as much information as possible. A successful photoshoot all begins with understanding their guidelines and ultimately achieving their vision. Aside from carefully reading up on any material that they have provided, you can go the extra mile by researching their past work. This photoshoot prep process isn’t aimed at taking away your creative freedom and talent, but rather to get a better understanding of their aesthetic and branding. 

In the event that your client doesn’t provide you with enough information, always make it a point to ask. It’s better to have too much data, rather than too little.  

Photoshoot Prep Tip #2: Take Technical Requirements Into Consideration

Depending on the location, the kind of photoshoot, and the team you have for a certain project, you can adjust your photoshoot prep and technical requirements to meet these needs. 

These factors have a great influence on the type of equipment you will be needing to take with you to the location. This entails everything, from additional lightning material and all the way to reflectors. Know that it is important to be fully prepared to solve any issues that may arise. 

Photoshoot Prep Tip #3: Double-Check Your Gear  

Photographers need their equipment to be in top shape in order to capture the image the way they want to, and it’s much more than just choosing the right camera. 

If you can, always bring some backup camera gear, props, makeup, wardrobe, and other necessities. This way, you, your team, or the client won’t have any reason to panic in case of unexpected issues, such as sudden stains on the model’s clothing or a low camera battery halfway through the shoot. After all, an effective photoshoot prep entails thinking about possible problems and knowing the solution even before it happens.

The number of backup equipment you bring can have a huge impact on the success of your client’s photoshoot, making this photoshoot prep tip an important one to remember.

Photoshoot Prep Tip #4: Scope The Location

Before you begin planning your frames, take time to visit the location to discover any details that you might miss from being behind your camera lens. If you’re shooting indoors, the backdrop could be enhanced by means of furniture, textures, or artwork. 

If your client wants an outdoor shoot at a beach or park, you can benefit from walking around the area to identify the different types of flora or certain natural lighting effects that could enhance the quality of your photos. 

Getting acquainted with your location is a photoshoot prep must-do, so you can level up your output in the most creative ways possible.

Photoshoot Prep #5: Communicate With Your Clients

There’s nothing like a solid human connection to really break the ice and unleash emotive and beautiful images, especially when talking to different kinds of clients. 

A part of having an effective photoshoot prep ritual is creating an open conversation with your team, the models, and the clients. Rather than just whipping out your camera and shifting into professional photographer mode right away, take some time to get to know the people involved in the project. This will give you the opportunity to explain how the session will pan out and ask questions while making everyone feel comfortable. Shooting with a friendly face is always better than merely posing in front of the camera for a stranger. 

Earning the trust and confidence of your clients and models is vital to creating images that translate as both eloquent and real. 

Photoshoot Prep #6: Be Realistic With The Timeline

Everyone wants to meet their deadlines, but if it affects the quality of your work, you might consider creating a compromise. During your photoshoot prep, ensure that you are giving yourself adequate time to prepare for a photoshoot to sort out logistics, book models, handle post-production, and submit the output to your client. 

Being realistic with timelines keeps you organized, so you can come up with amazing results that your clients would be happy with. 

A person taking a photo with a DSLR camera

The Ultimate Photoshoot Prep Tip: Venue is King

Choosing the right location for your photoshoots is essential to its success. The main focus of the shoot may be a person or an object, but the backdrop speaks volumes about the overall aesthetic that clients want to achieve. 

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