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How to Say No Kids at a Wedding (Politely!)

While we adore little ones, sometimes, the only way to fully enjoy your wedding day is to make it child-free. So, how do you tell your guests it’s an adults-only event without ruffling any feathers? 

In this article, we’ll help you communicate your wishes with grace, ensuring your message is clear, considerate, and well-received. Let’s learn how to say no kids at a wedding in the most courteous way possible!

Why Have a “Kid-Free” Wedding? 

There are right (and wrong) ways to say “no kids” at a wedding, but before we discuss that let’s first talk about why couples have child-free weddings in the first place. Choosing to have an adults-only wedding can create a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing guests to fully enjoy the celebration. Here are some other compelling reasons:

  • A kid-free wedding minimizes potential disruptions during key moments, such as the ceremony or speeches. 
  • Couples can potentially save on wedding catering, party favours, and venue costs by downsizing their guest list.
  • The bride and groom can enjoy a more intimate, uninterrupted celebration where adults can let loose and fully engage in the festivities.

But Is It Rude to Say “No Kids” at Your Wedding? 

It’s natural to worry about offending guests by requesting to have no kids at your wedding, but it’s not inherently rude. In fact, your friends and family may even appreciate the opportunity for a night out without their children!

 Several wedding party guests dance at an adults-only reception

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The key is to communicate your decision thoughtfully and considerately. Explain your reasons, whether they’re related to venue conditions, budget constraints, or the desired atmosphere. Clear and respectful communication, coupled with understanding and empathy, can help mitigate any potential negative reactions and ensure everyone understands and respects your choice. Plus, many weddings involve alcohol, loud music, and a late night—all of which aren’t necessarily kid-friendly.

Etiquette and Advice for Planning a Kid-Free Wedding 

Planning a wedding is a joyous yet complex task, and one of the more delicate decisions couples may face is whether to include children on the guest list. Here are some tips when determining how to say no kids at a wedding:

✨ Communicate Early and Clearly 

Don’t wait until the last minute to mention your “no kids” wedding policy. Include a polite note on save-the-dates, wedding invitations, or your wedding website so parents have enough time to arrange childcare. Similarly, apply the no-kids rule uniformly to all guests to avoid feelings of favouritism or exclusion—this could mean your own children, too.

✨ Offer Solutions 

Depending on your financial and venue parameters, you could consider on-site childcare at your venue staffed with sitters and stocked with kid-friendly games and entertainment. If that’s not possible, you could arrange a group childcare option nearby for guests travelling with children. 

✨ Be Gracious About Declines 

Even when you communicate your “only adults” wedding policy politely, you may still get some declines from guests who are unable to attend a kid-free wedding. If this happens, it’s important to be gracious and understanding. This gratitude should also be extended to guests who made the effort to make arrangements and show up!

How to Say “Adults Only” On Wedding Invites

Learn how to say no kids at a wedding in the nicest way possible by following these adult-only wedding wording tips.

Wedding invitation cards and envelopes displayed on an ornate tray, surrounded by greenery

  • Be clear and concise—phrases like “Please join us for an adults-only celebration” or “We kindly request a child-free wedding” leave no room for confusion.
  • Add a sentence like “While we adore your little ones, we’ve decided on a child-free ceremony and reception” to reinforce that the decision has nothing to do with their kids.
  • If space or budget is a concern, you can politely mention it: “Due to limited space at our venue, we are unable to accommodate children.”
  • If you’re allowing kids in the ceremony but not the wedding reception, you could say: “Adults-only reception to follow the ceremony.”
  • If it’s a late-night event, you can say: “To allow all guests to enjoy an evening of revelry, our wedding will be kid-free.”
  • Get a little sassy or creative if appropriate: “Let’s party like we’re kids-free!”
  • You can also mention your open bar with: “Our wedding day is near, so let’s toast with cheer—no kids this time, just wine and beer!”

How NOT to Communicate “No Kids” at a Wedding 

Couples planning a kid-free wedding should know what to avoid as well. Here are some definite don’ts:

  • Don’t use blunt, harsh statements like “No kids allowed!” or “Absolutely no children!” on your adults-only wedding invitations.
  • Avoid condescending, preachy phrases that jab at your guests’ parenting styles.
  • Don’t rely solely on word-of-mouth to spread the message; informal communication can lead to misunderstandings.
  • Don’t make exceptions for certain guests’ children, like your bridal party, as this can create feelings of unfairness among others.

Plan Your Kid-Free Wedding at The Loft on King! 

We hope these tips help you navigate the delicate task of planning a child-free wedding with grace and ease—the last thing the happy couple needs is another stressful item on their plate! Remember, your special day should reflect your vision and preferences.

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