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8 Tips to Throwing An Epic TIFF Party

Great movies might be TIFF’s main event—but all of that just wouldn’t be complete without an epic TIFF party. It’s where some of the festival’s most interesting stories happen each year. 

Want to throw a TIFF party that’s one for the books? Check out The Loft on King’s guide below on how to design an event that your guests will never forget!

1. Select The Best Date and Time

TIFF runs for 10 days, giving you plenty of options for when to throw your party. During this time, it’s smart to check the weather too—especially if you’re considering a rooftop venue

Make sure your invitation has complete details and have your guests confirm so you know how much food, drinks, and space you will need.

If there are any A-listers or special guests who you really want to be present at your TIFF party, invite them way ahead of time so they can block their schedules. There are many other events happening after TIFF—you want to be able to catch them before others do!

2. Finalize a Location ASAP

Now, this part is crucial. TIFF happens in downtown Toronto, so if you don’t want your guests to walk a mile to get to the party venue, find a place nearby. Venues around TIFF Bell Lightbox, like those on King St. West, get snatched up quickly, so make sure to reserve a location as soon as possible. 

Some of our top recommendations include Dasha for delicious upscale Chinese food, or if you’re looking for a spot that will make you feel right at home, there’s Petty Cash; this bar has an amazing outdoor patio, pool tables, and a DJ playing all the best hits!

For larger gatherings, Baro’s four-storey building features over 1,800 sq. ft. of customizable space, to suit all your TIFF after party needs. 


A delicious spread of food available at Baro

3. Pick An Interesting Theme

For a TIFF party to create buzz, you need to pick a fun and interesting theme. Whatever you choose will set the tone of the event. It will help engage your guests and make the party memorable. One tip is to use unique decorations that can act as conversation starters.

Don’t forget to use the theme in your invitations (to give them a glimpse of the fun that awaits them) down to your party glasses and drinks. Simply check out some trending party themes and start from there.

4. Serve Unique Food and Cocktails

No TIFF party will be complete without great food and cocktails. Make sure to prepare amuse-bouche or small bites for guests because they are easy to eat, which means they can easily mingle with other guests as they grab a bite!  

The first and last five minutes at your party are what leave a lasting impression on guests, so welcome them with a classy drink and snack and end it with thematic cocktails or a fun swag bag.

5. Choose Your Guests Wisely

Your guests may all be A-listers, but that doesn’t mean they have the same interests. Limit your guest list to people you truly know or want to know more about. This way, you can optimize your food, activities, and entertainment better.

6. Plan the Entertainment

Nobody likes a boring TIFF party. Big names want fun—and sometimes, a touch of craziness. This is why you need to organize the flow of your program based on who your guests are. 

If you want to avoid dead air, you can hire a DJ or get an acoustic band for a more formal soirée. Other forms of entertainment that are sure to draw people in include karaoke, a live band, or arcade games.

Whatever form of entertainment you choose, make sure to pick something that will help your guests have fun and relax!

7. Pick a Smart Dress Code

TIFF is mostly a formal occasion. After attending the gala and red carpet events dressed in formal attire, your guests most likely won’t want the hassle of changing to follow another dress code. 

Let them come wearing what they wore to the main event or dress down if they want to. Picking a convenient and smart dress code will give your TIFF party a relaxed vibe and help your guests have a great time.

8. Respect Your Guests’ Space

Your A-list guests might be used to people asking them for pictures, but that doesn’t mean you should make your party a photoshoot event. Limit picture-taking of guests with A-listers to a few minutes, and make sure this is communicated to your guests.

Three celebrities at The Loft on King during a TIFF after party event

Throw an Unforgettable TIFF Party at The Loft on King

A successful TIFF party has a lot of small, moving parts including catering, wait staff, sound system, and technical personnel among others. Why not leave all the organizing to the experts at The Loft on King?

Our expert team is at your disposal for everything you need to throw an unforgettable TIFF party—from customized catering, staffing, and full bar service to custom lighting and technical support. 

To top it all of, we are located in the heart of King West, just a few steps away from TIFF Bell Lightbox. At The Loft on King, you can get the TIFF party started right away. Contact us today to secure your spot!