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Wedding guests pose for a group photo at The Loft on King

A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning the Ultimate Wedding Day Itinerary

18 May 2022

Dreaming up the perfect wedding requires detailed planning. Why not start with breaking down the entire day—from start to finish—into a well-organized timeline?  But how does this work exactly? Well, it’s much like creating an itinerary when you go on vacation. You plan what you’re going to do the entire day—what time to wake up, […]

A bride and guests celebrating a successful event

The 7 Most Common Event Planning Challenges and How to Solve Them

11 May 2022

So you’ve made a few phone calls to secure a venue and catering services. You’ve sent out invitations and even planned the littlest of details. Everything is all set.  Or so, it seems. The thing with events is that there’s no guarantee that they will always unfold on cue like a pre-recorded scene from a […]

A bride and groom celebrating an indoor wedding with their guests

The Benefits of an Indoor Wedding Reception in the Summer

20 Apr 2022

When summertime comes around, you’re bound to hear the sound of countless wedding bells. But why are couples so drawn to getting married during the warmest time of the year?  It’s most likely because the season gives couples a choice between an indoor wedding venue or taking the party outside — so everyone can enjoy […]