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Guests at a corporate dinner

How to Host a Successful Corporate Dinner

8 Dec 2022

Aside from celebrating your company’s achievements, hosting corporate dinners is also a great way to start networking with other people—whether they are your colleagues or future clientele. But as fun as corporate dinners are, there is no denying that setting up an event like this is an intimidating task. From planning the menu to figuring […]

winter-themed wedding decor on a dining table

10 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

5 Oct 2022

It’s no secret that summertime is the most popular time of year to get married—hello, June brides! But while the traditional wedding season is from late spring to early fall, many couples still choose to have a winter wedding. Perhaps it’s because there’s something intimate and magical about a winter wonderland; or maybe it’s the […]

A cocktail reception at The Loft on King

Cocktail Reception vs Seated Dinner: Which is Right For You?

22 Sep 2022

To sit or not to sit? That’s the question most couples ask when planning their wedding reception.  There’s no straight answer to whether a cocktail reception is better than a seated dinner because both work; it all depends on your preferences. But one of the most beautiful things about modern weddings is that you don’t […]