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A sustainable corporate event hosted at The Loft on King

How to Throw Sustainable Corporate Events

29 Dec 2021

No one has the right to squander resources as if we’re never going to run out of them—as if future generations won’t need them. Our actions must meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations—that’s the concept of sustainability. Over the past 20 years, this concept has extended to […]

A canapé serving mini sliders at The Loft on King

How Food Dudes Catering Can Take Your Event to the Next Level

22 Dec 2021

Food makes people happy. It’s not an unexplainable phenomenon—there’s a science behind it. When food is shared with others, it becomes a more profound experience. It helps you form a stronger bond with family and friends—and even facilitates sparking connections with people you don’t know. In all types of events, great food actually helps stimulate […]

People raising their glasses at a corporate Christmas party

12 Things Every Corporate Christmas Party Needs to Be Successful

19 Nov 2021

When you’re at the office, it’s all about productivity and results. In its most basic form, it’s work mode: activated. However, once the holiday season comes around, the business contracts, pitches, and KPIs take a backseat to the snow, fruit cake, and Christmas festivities! Office holiday parties are great for instilling a positive company culture, […]