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A bride and groom kissing in the city

23 Wedding Photo Ideas for Your Big Day

24 Sep 2021

In this day and age it’s natural to want to document every single thing you do through photos and videos. From brunch on a random sunny Wednesday in the middle of June, to videos of our pet being silly. So, you can already imagine capturing a day as monumental as your wedding day in 4K […]

Guests seated at a wedding ceremony

6 Ways Your Guests Can Participate in Your Wedding Ceremony

21 Sep 2021

Getting married is a magical milestone that celebrates the fact that you have found an extension of yourself in another person. In a world filled with over seven billion people, how wonderful is it to know that there is a soulmate for us all, just waiting to be found? If you’re counting down the days […]

a studio photoshoot with lights, reflectors, stylists, and photographers

Your Ultimate Guide to Photoshoot Equipment & Venue Setup

27 Aug 2021

Photography is an art that allows you to see life through a lens and capture it in your own unique way.  It also traverses a wide range of categories, such as events, product, sports, fashion, editorial, and architectural.   Whatever type of photoshoot you have on your schedule, preparation is the key to making it a […]