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10 Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

It’s no secret that summertime is the most popular time of year to get married—hello, June brides! But while the traditional wedding season is from late spring to early fall, many couples still choose to have a winter wedding.

Perhaps it’s because there’s something intimate and magical about a winter wonderland; or maybe it’s the perfect time to sow the seeds of a new life—a starting point, just like marriage—that will sprout in the spring.

But aside from this, there are other tangible reasons why a winter wedding shouldn’t just be an alternative to summer weddings, but a grand idea on its own. Here are ten of them:

1. Less Stress About Extreme Weather Conditions

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy task. It usually entails a lot of stress, which includes worrying about weather conditions—especially when the venue is outdoors. 

Since a winter wedding almost always takes place at indoor venues, you don’t have to worry if it’s going to be windy or if it will rain or snow. Mother Nature is unpredictable—and taking it out of the equation means less stress for you, your guests, and vendors.

2. No Humidity to Deal With

Many people don’t do well in the heat—they get cranky and easily irritated. While you can combat the cold by adding layers to your clothing, you can’t really take off your clothes when the weather gets too hot. 

If you get married in the summer, you’ll have to work *extra* hard to deal with the humidity. If you don’t, you and your guests will sweat in your formalwear and your makeup will run. You’ll most likely be squinting half the time, too, because the harsh sun rays will be in your eyes.

A winter wedding will save everyone the trouble of constantly retouching their makeup or wiping off sweat. The cool temperature will not only keep your guests comfortable, but it will keep your hair and makeup fresh and intact until the end of the ceremony!

3. More Options For Dramatic and Stylish Looks

On top of being more comfortable, a winter wedding gives you the opportunity to wear rich tones and textures too: burgundy, navy blue, red, emerald green, velvet, etc. Usually, these colours and textures tend to be overwhelming to look at during summer months—but the winter season allows you to go all out with silhouettes and dramatic colours. It’s also the best season for black ties and floor-length gowns.

These style choices with the powdery white snow as a background can certainly make them pop even more—which will make your wedding photos look stunning. Check with your photographer about timing for the “golden hour” if you want stunning outdoor sunset photos.

4. More Romantic Lighting

Light design is important whatever season you choose to get married in. However, it’s easier to achieve that cozy, intimate, and dramatic ambience during the winter months.

You can use tealights and candles in glimmering metallic candelabras to give flat surfaces more depth. Gobo lights, hanging lanterns, and fairy lights can quickly transform any venue to make it feel more romantic and magical.

A bride holding a bouquet of flowers

5. Flowers Remain Fresh Longer

Because of the cool temperatures, it’s not just your makeup that will remain flawless, but your flower bouquets too. You can be bold with your arrangements without the fear that all your tulips, buttercups, carnations, or daffodils will wilt—because they won’t!

You can also get more creative with your bouquets because there are many unique winter materials you can work with: pinecones, barks of trees, acorns, anemones, colourful berries, and seasonal fruits can all make your wedding venue look stunning.

6. Comfort Food and Drinks Abound

Eating helps generate internal heat, which subsequently leads to a rise in body temperature. It’s the reason why we feel more hungry when the weather is cold

This means only one thing: your guests will surely be looking for hearty meals at the reception to satiate their hunger! It’s a good thing winter is a season filled with some of the tastiest, most comforting food and drinks. 

You can set up hot cocoa, wine, ramen, or poutine bars to add a warm ambience to the reception. Consider serving roasted root vegetables, fig dishes, grilled cheese and tomatoes, beef, risotto with winter greens, soups, broths, and other dishes made from winter seasonal produce.

7. Better Guest and Venue Availability

Most venues and vendors get fully booked ahead of the summer months. But winter is considered as off-season for weddings, so there won’t be as many couples vying for the same venue on the same day. That means you have a higher chance of getting your preferred venue and date.

Even your guests will most likely be available during these months. Unlike the summer and spring seasons where it’s often jam-packed with weddings, you won’t have to worry about them attending other weddings and getting what’s called wedding fatigue. Just make sure not to schedule it too close to the holidays!

A winter wedding cake sits on top of a table at The Loft on King

8. A Heightened Excitement for a Tropical Honeymoon Destination

You’ll appreciate your honeymoon in the tropics a whole lot more if you’re leaving the chilly weather behind you. Jet set to Greece, the Maldives, Tahiti, or any honeymoon destination of your dreams and make all your Instagram followers wish they were having fun in the sun too!

You and your spouse will literally have the best of both worlds during this special time—a cozy winter wedding and sunny honeymoon days in a tropical paradise!

9. Winter Weddings Are Unique

The world has grown so accustomed to following trends that it would be a breath of fresh air to do something out of the ordinary… like getting married during the off-season!  

Let your creative side shine through by planning a unique winter wedding. From the venue, motif, and colour palettes down to the menu and flower arrangements, the possibilities are endless when it comes to planning a winter wedding. 

If you’re into rustic elements, you can experiment with wood, vintage decor, and touches of lush greenery. If you’re a fan of the ethereal and gossamer, you can play around with delicate blooms, like calla lilies, peonies, carnations, tulips, and hydrangeas. 

With a little bit of frosted chiffon, you can work wonders for the decor and truly make it a winter wedding fit for a fairy tale.

10. A Magical Atmosphere

We’re not playing favourites, but wedding photos taken with a blanket of snow as your backdrop are absolutely gorgeous

Falling snow makes for a poetic wedding backdrop fit for a magazine. With such a picturesque landscape at your disposal, the cold won’t even bother you. 

TIP:  The low position of the sun in winter casts interesting shadows that will add character to your photographs.

A Winter Wedding Fairytale With The Loft

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