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7 Destination Wedding Cons To Consider Before Saying “I Do”

Getting married by the beach, in a marvellous church in Italy, or a place away from home seems like the perfect wedding venue. You’re sure to feel like you’re in a movie, right? Unfortunately, that’s just what a destination wedding is: a dream.

In reality, destination weddings are not all rainbows and butterflies. They require tremendous work, time, and effort from you and your partner.

Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t host one:

Destination Wedding Cons

  1. Fewer Guests

While you and your partner might be able to afford a destination wedding, your guests might not have the time or money needed to attend. They’ll probably have to reluctantly turn down your invitation for one of the following reasons:

  • They can’t take the time off work off due to limited PTO
  • Their travel documents may not be ready by your destination wedding date
  • They can’t afford round-trip airfare or sea tickets
  • Booking a hotel room near the wedding venue is too expensive
  • They have children and childcare is too expensive

Your wedding is supposed to be fun, and will likely feel less intimate without all your loved ones in attendance to witness the big moment.

  2. They Are Expensive

Destination weddings are more expensive than local weddings.

One study that found the average destination wedding in 2022 cost $35,600 compared to $30,000 for a hometown wedding! By that math, you can save $5,000 when you host a local wedding instead of a destination one.

You also need to be wary of the hidden costs of destination weddings. Usually, these come in destination wedding packages and add-ons of hotels and resorts.

These are great starting points for wedding planning but can be misleading. This hidden wedding costs list outlines some items you may be tricked into thinking you need.

A couple computing the costs of a destination wedding

  3. Risk of Illness

Another thing you need to consider is the health and safety of you, your partner, and your guests. The last thing you want is to be sick and bedridden on your wedding day.

While, yes, the world is finally recovering from COVID-19, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other germs out there. As you probably know, airports and planes are great places to contract illnesses you would have otherwise avoided.

Food can also be an issue with destination weddings. Noting down your guests’ food allergies is good for preventing health complications, but the ingredients’ freshness is out of your control. Nobody wants to get food poisoning!

  4. Lack of Flexibility

Did you forget your wedding suit or bridal dress? Did your wedding photographer suddenly bail out of nowhere? These event planning challenges are unforeseen circumstances beyond your control and can ruin a wedding if you don’t have a backup plan.

Destination weddings put you out of your element, limiting your options and people to consult if something goes sideways. You’re better off holding your wedding in an environment where you can plan for potential issues that may arise.

  5. Travel Delays

When people talk about destination weddings as a hot trend, they usually neglect to mention the possibility for travel delays and restrictions. One halt in flight schedules causes a butterfly effect that can ruin your wedding day.

If you’re planning to throw a wedding in a tropical destination, then typhoons and storms should be on your radar. Other unforeseen circumstances that can also lead to cancelled flights to your destination, leaving you helpless at the airport.

Oh, and rebooking flights at the last minute is expensive. Airline companies can be sticklers and may not even give you a full refund for the cancelled flight.

  6. Legality Issues

Planning a marriage overseas requires you to focus on the legalities as well.

Different countries have different regulations for obtaining a marriage license. Learning what they are is essential since this shows you the documents and other things you may need to present. Consequently, this adds another element to worry about when planning.

 A bride signing a marriage certificate

  7. Language Barriers

If you’re having a destination wedding in a country with a different language, you’ll inevitably experience language barriers. This can prevent you from communicating your needs exactly as you want, leading to misunderstandings and bigger problems during preparations. Hiring a translator can be a solution, but they aren’t cheap!

Get Married in Local Wedding Venues Instead!

With all the destination wedding cons in mind, does getting married near home really sound so unappealing? All the stress, problems, and costs are not worth the trouble!

Instead of having a destination wedding, why not host a local wedding instead? Regardless of the season, local weddings can help you save more and guarantee all your guests can attend! Even better, you won’t have to worry about travel delays or getting sick.

If you still want to have that romantic getaway vibe for your wedding day, you can hire photographers that’ll bring your vision to life by suggesting related themes, photoshoot locations, and a concept to help you create a story with your wedding photos.

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