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10 Small Wedding Ideas for 50 Guests

“The more, the merrier” is fun, but it isn’t always realistic—especially when weddings are involved. While there’s nothing wrong with a sizable wedding party, many couples may find that trimming down the guest list is a better choice for their style and budget.

When you think about it, there’s something undeniably magical about the intimacy of a small wedding. Picture exchanging vows surrounded by your closest loved ones, each moment shared in a cozy setting that speaks to your unique love story—swoon-worthy!

So, if you’re considering a wedding with 50 guests in Toronto, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re envisioning a romantic elopement or a stylish soirée, we’ve got several small wedding ideas to suit every couple’s vision.

1. Book a Rooftop Venue that Overlooks Toronto’s Skyline

Elevate your wedding experience with stunning views of Toronto’s iconic skyline. From sunset ceremonies to starlit receptions, a rooftop venue offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration high above the city lights. This is hands down one of the best small wedding ideas for 50 guests (or more) and is something you’ll never forget!

2. Opt for a Cozy Restaurant Reception

Treat your guests to a gourmet dining experience at a cozy restaurant venue for your wedding reception. Toronto is home to numerous spots that cater to small wedding parties like yours!

3. Choose a Small Wedding Party

One of the best (and worst) parts of having a small wedding is limiting your guest list. With a smaller wedding party, every moment becomes more meaningful as you share your special day with those who matter most—you simply can’t lose.

Wedding and save the date invitations on a bronze plate

4. Celebrate Cultural Traditions

Honour your heritage and celebrate cultural traditions that hold special meaning to you and your partner. Incorporating rituals, music, and cuisine from your cultural background is one of the best ideas for small weddings as it adds depth and significance to your ceremony!

For example, Filipino weddings use symbolic items like veil, cord, and candles during the ceremony—and they all have deeply symbolic meanings!

💒 Unique Wedding Traditions from Around the World

5. Commit to a Themed Wedding

If a traditional wedding isn’t your thing, you can still have a beautiful and memorable small wedding ceremony with a theme that suits your personality and interests. You don’t have to follow the conventional white dress and tuxedo, or the standard flowers and candles.

Do you and your partner love old-world charm? Transport your guests back in time by hosting your wedding at a historic venue brimming with character. The Loft on King is the perfect backdrop for an intimate wedding ceremony—considered part of the Ontario Heritage Act, this King West hidden gem was built in 1844 but maintains its factory-warehouse style aesthetic.

6. Splurge on Pre-Wedding Events

Having an intimate wedding doesn’t mean you have to skip the pre-wedding festivities. In fact, you can make them more fun and creative with fewer guests! Summon your bridal party, groomsmen, or family members for a spa day, wine tasting, rehearsal dinner, or brunch.

Take this chance to bond with your guests and build up the excitement before your wedding day.

7. Create an Intimate Seating Arrangement

Need reception ideas for a small wedding, too? One of the best things about intimate weddings is it’s almost impossible for your guests to feel isolated from one another.

Smaller weddings mean you can be creative with the seating arrangements. Opt for a table setting that encourages conversation and connection among your guests, fostering a warm and inclusive environment throughout your wedding festivities.

Pro tip: Mix up the seating so that your guests can mingle with other guests. You never know when love might bloom elsewhere!

A rectangular table wedding set up with floral centrepieces

8. …Or Opt for Standing Room Only

Alternatively, you can just skip the seating arrangement altogether and opt for a cocktail reception where your 50 guests can stand or sit wherever they want. This will make your intimate celebration more informal and relaxed. It can also encourage your guests to move around and socialize.

Note: Ensure you provide chairs, stools, or cushions for those who need them, or have some lounge areas for those who want to rest.

9. Set Up a Dessert Bar

Another one of our small wedding ideas for 50 guests is to jump on the dessert bar trend. Who can say no to an elaborate sweet spread filled with a variety of bite-sized desserts? If you’re not convinced, here are some advantages:

    Multiple dessert options
    Super customizable

10. Keep the Party Going!

You don’t need a big wedding to have a great time! Extend the joy of your wedding day with post-reception festivities.

This small wedding idea involves planning an after-party at a trendy lounge or cozy bar where guests can dance the night away or unwind with cocktails. Keep the celebration alive as you toast to love and lifelong memories in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant nightlife scene.

Bring Your Wedding Ideas to Life at The Loft on King

Did any of these small wedding ideas for 50 guests grab your attention?

Planning a small wedding (or any size wedding for that matter) is not an easy feat. From ideation to execution—let the experts at The Loft on King help! Our team of experienced caterers, servers, mixologists, and AV technicians can bring your small wedding ideas into reality.

Our unique wedding event space in downtown Toronto is the perfect backdrop for you to say your “I do’s”. Contact us today to learn more about our venue, exclusive catering options, and other services.

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