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Create a Product Launch Plan in 5 Easy Steps

After spending months fine-tuning your product, it’s now ready to be introduced to the world. Now all you need is to plan an event that will impress investors, influencers, potential clients, and even the media.

Most importantly, you need to create hype to attract customers and build your brand. But how do you create a product launch plan that checks all these boxes?

Launching Your Product Starts Before the Actual Launch 

So, you’ve created an outstanding productnow you need to market it so it can receive all the love and attention it deserves. In this case, marketing should start way before the actual launch.

Start promoting your product launch event four to six months before the actual day to build audience anticipation and guarantee high attendance. Here’s how you can create buzz before then:

  • Write a press release to explain what your product is and what it has to offer your audience.
  • Create user personas and come up with a frequently asked questions list so they can have a more in-depth understanding of your product.
  • Harness the power of social media to stay visible and build a network of engaged followers.
  • Blog about it on your website to promote the product and generate leads.
A product launch event held at The Loft on King

Launch Your Product to Success with These 5 Steps

Once all the pre-launch buzz is set, it’s time to put your focus on the details of the event! Considering including these five easy steps in your product launch strategy:

1. Think About How You Want to Launch Your Product

Do you want to hold a live Q&A? How about a show and tell presentation? However you want to roll out your new product, the point is to make an impact.

For example, you can grab attention by creating an oversized version of your product. Be it a bag, perfume, or shoe, a larger-than-life spin on your product displayed at your event venue is a statement piece that will certainly put the spotlight on it. 

And because it’s eye-catching, your attendees will be encouraged to snap photos, post them on social media, and inadvertently help you spread the word!

2. Pick a Relevant Theme

Let’s say you’re releasing a brand new sunblock product. Then, a beach or poolside event would be a relevant theme for that. Are you introducing new surround-sound speakers? Why not design the venue so it’s clearly inspired by theatre or cinema?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to theme ideas! In fact, the more creative your theme is, the better the brand recall will be. Just make sure to choose something that matches the personality of your brand.

3. Make Your Theme Match Your Venue

Once you’ve picked a theme, choose a venue that will complement it. You want the venue to emphasize your product, not overshadow or work against it. Also, take note of these crucial details:

  • Your venue should have a central location for easy access. This is especially important if you’re catering to a local demographic. Don’t make your guests travel too far to get to your event.
  • Pick a venue that has a “clean space,” something you can use as a blank canvas to decorate according to your brand’s personality. 
  • It must have natural lighting, but at the same time, it should also have the ability to block out external lights should you need to use a projector and other production equipment.
  • Venues that offer exclusive catering have the flexibility to work with you to create a menu that complements the theme of your product launch plan. The Loft on King has partnered with Food Dudes to create incredible bite-sized menu options that are perfect for snacking on between networking. 

4. Include Entertaining Activities for Your Guests

Your product launch plan should include an entertainment element to make the event more hands-on. You can’t spend the entire time simply talking about your product!

Engage guests with contests, raffles and other activities to make it an event to remember. You can even use your product as a prize or giveaway. If your venue has a dance floor, maximize the space and cap the night with some live music or a DJ.

5. Timing is Everything

There are no set rules when picking the time for your product launch. But for maximum effect, hold the event no more than two weeks after sending out teasers.

If you start releasing teasers way too soon, your audience might forget about it or get tired of waiting. Consider creating a launch countdown to keep the excitement burning.

Depending on your product, the launch could also be scheduled according to the time of the year to stay relevant to current events. If your product makes for a great Christmas gift, then the launch should be set when people usually do their holiday shopping.

The Loft on King’s product launch event space

Let The Loft Help You Share Your Story

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