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Top Tips to Find the Right Photo Studio to Rent

Studio photography is ideal for shooting a range of subjects; everything from people to products to fashion shows to music. A photo studio provides an indoor space where the photographer has complete control over supplementary elements such as lighting, backgrounds, and props. This also means obstacles such as sudden weather changes, distracting background objects (or people), and temperamental lighting won’t cause any disruptions. The privacy and comfort found in good photo studios are also key advantages that make renting a photo studio a worthy investment. Sometimes, a photo studio can also be used as a video recording studio – and in such cases, the elimination of background noises and distractions can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for Toronto photo studios to rent, here are the top tips to finding the right one!

Female fashion model gets her photo taken in a photo studio

1. The Basics for Comfort

This first thing to look for in a rented photo studio is that it should have amenities that will allow for seamless, comfortable shooting. This is especially important if the photo shoot will span a few hours. Make sure to check for the following:

  • Adequate heating or temperature control
  • AV, tables, chairs, etc., as needed
  • A supply of drinking water
  • Accessible private restrooms
  • Areas that can be used as private changing facilities

2. The Amount of Space

Not all photo shoots (or even video shoots) are the same and require different supplementary tools. Some sessions will do fine with limited space, however, the more equipment, props, costumes, subjects, crew members, and/or larger setups you have, you would need to take adequate square footage into account. Ideally, your rented photo studio should have ample space for the actual shooting, for the storage of items and equipment, and for having a comfortable waiting or break area. 

3. The Height of the Ceiling

Make sure that your rented photo studio venue has enough ceiling height of around or more than 10 feet. This allows for your equipment and/or backdrops to be set up properly. Lower ceilings are also known to cause issues with lighting which is why they need to be avoided. Additionally, higher ceilings allow more space for creative freedom!

4. The Inclusivity of Gear

As you look for Toronto photo studios, you might notice that some photo studios can provide technical gear. Also, the prices for renting such gear (if any) may also vary per venue. Some studios are able to provide equipment such as photo floodlights, photo strobes, C-stands, smoke machines, green screens, various backdrops and more. Therefore, as a photographer, you can start by identifying what gear you would need and then coordinate with potential photo studios in Toronto to see if they are able to provide them.

5. The Availability of Miscellaneous Equipment

Depending on the needs of your photo or video shoot, you may need additional equipment such as makeup mirrors, clothing racks, iron, ironing board, and so on. Additionally, you may need to check how many electrical outlets are available in the venue and if extension cords are provided. In this case you’d have to contact potential studios in Toronto to see if they have these items available or clarify if you would need to bring your own.

6. The Amount of Artificial Lighting and Daylight

In photography, lighting is one of the most crucial elements that you need to be able to control. Therefore, a good photo studio should have adequate artificial lighting to complement your own lighting equipment. Pro tip: too much daylight in the room should be avoided; in fact, some photo studios are completely windowless. This helps to keep the lighting as consistent as possible no matter what time of the day it is.

7. Privacy

To take full advantage of a photo studio and maintain creative focus, you need to have privacy. A good photo studio should have a completely closed off area that only you and your crew can access and see. To avoid any distractions, it would be a plus if the restrooms are within this area in case you are using them as change rooms.

An example of a rented photo studio set up for a photo shoot

8. Silence

For both photo and video shoots, having a quiet creative space is of utmost importance. A silent venue will allow everyone to maintain focus on the task at hand. Silence is especially important for video shoots, because too much background noise can disrupt or deter from the original audio.

9. Accessibility

Photo shoots are usually a team endeavour. Therefore, it’s important to choose a location that is easy to find and access via car or public transport – especially if the crew and subjects will not be travelling together. Renting an accessible photo studio helps everyone to easily arrive at the location on time. Additionally, if any equipment needs to be transported to the venue, the accessibility of the location would make the task far easier.

10. Proximity to Food Establishments

In some instances, photo or video shoots can take hours or even days. For the convenience of all participants in the shoot, it’s important to look for a photo studio that is close to food vendors. This makes ordering food for breaks and lunch a total breeze. In some cases, the venue you rent from may offer catering or have a restaurant in the same building to deliver to your space. Sometimes, it truly is these little details on logistics that make a big difference. 

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