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What to Do After Getting Engaged: Your Ultimate Guide

OMG, congratulations—you just got engaged!

Because you’re only going to get engaged once (we’re rooting for your happily ever after!), you want to make sure you fully live in the moment. Yes, you need to start planning the wedding, but you also deserve to enjoy this magical time!

So, now what? Here’s our guide on what to do after getting engaged.

    1. Be Present

If you let it, the stress of planning can leave you feeling down after getting engaged. However, it’s important to realize it’s the couple (yes, you two) who call the shots. When you decide to jump into the wedding whirlwind is your choice.

That’s why living in the moment is first up on our checklist after engagement—we want to remind you to relax. You just got engaged: allow yourselves some time to be present rather than thinking too much about when to get started planning.

    2. Spread The Good News

Once you and your partner are ready to tell the world you just got engaged, it would be a good idea to call or even meet up with your nearest and dearest to let them know. They’ll be honoured that you told them you just got engaged before telling the rest of the world through a social media post.

    3. Protect Your Ring

The next item on our list of what to do after getting engaged is all about paying attention to that *sparkly* new addition to your hand. If it needs some resizing, having it fixed by an expert will ensure it stays comfortably on your finger.

Speaking of keeping your ring safe, you might also want to consider having it insured. Whether you opt for standalone jewelry insurance or simply add it to your home insurance policy, make sure that treasure gets the care and protection it deserves.

    4. Post That “Ringfie”

If you just got engaged, then your ring finger is officially a rockstar.

For the next few months, you should expect your ring to become a public figure that everyone in your circle wants to see. Go ahead and post that ring-fie—why shouldn’t the whole world know that you just got engaged?

 A “ringfie” of someone wearing a knit sweater

    5. An Engagement Photoshoot

It’s your fairytale and you deserve to document every moment of it with stunning photos—and an engagement photoshoot enables you to do just that. This definitely ranks high on the list of fun things to do while engaged.

You’ll both enjoy getting all glammed up for it, and when you look back on the photos in 30 years you’ll be so glad you decided to do a shoot!

    6. Throw an Engagement Party

Whether it’s a grand event or a small gathering with loved ones, getting engaged is a milestone that deserves a celebration.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor event space that can accommodate a bigger guest list to a dreamy rooftop patio, be sure to choose a standout venue!

    7. Think About Wedding Dates

We know we said to relax, but it won’t hurt to start thinking about a wedding date sooner rather than later. It was probably one of the first “just got engaged—now what?” thoughts that popped up in your head after you said “yes” anyway.

For now, even just a tentative date (whether that’s months or even years from now) will help organize your thoughts and calm your nerves. Whether you like it or not, people love asking this of their friends who just got engaged. They’ll appreciate it!

    8. Set Your Wedding Budget

Some event planning challenges can’t be avoided, but some can. Your wedding budget is something worth thinking about, even if you just got engaged.

Figuring out what you can afford and what your initial preferences are will help narrow down your choices and help you avoid ending up with too much or too little at your reception!

    9. Begin Drafting a Guestlist

Usually, everyone who was present at your engagement party should also receive an invite to your wedding. You can always start drafting your guestlist based on who attended the celebration and then start building from there.

Knowing approximately how many people are on the guestlist will be vital during your search for a wedding venue (which is also on this list of what to do, BTW!)

    10. Assemble a Pinterest Board

It’s the time to go all-out on creativity and let your vision work its magic.

Creating a Pinterest board is a quick and easy way to get all your ideas in one place, whether it’s outfit inspiration or aesthetic theme ideas. If you slowly start doing this, you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised when it’s actually time to make choices.

    11. Explore Wedding Venues

Picking the right venue takes time—give yourself some!

It’s best to start looking as soon as you can. Doing so will help you envision your fairytale a little bit more clearly. What type of theme best suits the place? How many people would fit comfortably in the space? Is it accessible for you and your guests? Keep all of these questions in mind as you slowly but surely narrow down your choices!

A wedding reception setup at The Loft on King

💍 Say “I Do” at The Loft on King

There you have it: our guide for what to do after getting engaged.

If this list has got you thinking more about a venue, then The Loft on King should certainly be in consideration—seriously, have you seen it?

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