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Host a Wide Range of Event Types at a Private Venue

Choosing the right private venue is a key ingredient when creating a night to remember. You need a flexible location where you can gather all your guests as you all witness something remarkable happening before your eyes. On top of that, it should be a place where comfort, liveliness, and ambience meet. 

Many different types of events call for a private event space so you can make a favourable impression on your guests. With that said, here is a list of event types that need such a location:

1. Corporate Events

Corporate events are necessary for a company to reinstate its core values and deepen the bonds of the people on the team. These events come in different forms, such as the following:

Team Building Events

Improve the company morale by holding a team building event! This is an amazing way to get employees out of their comfort zones, brainstorming with one another, and forging newfound connections through mind-boggling activities. Watch everyone transform into a cohesive team that can power through any challenge ahead.

 a crowd of people networking at a private corporate event

Corporate Dinners

Lock in and seal the deal of an agreement by inviting your partners to a corporate dinner. An evening with delectable food while discussing details about your business will always lead to a great result.

Moreover, corporate dinners have multiple benefits that include improving company branding and business accelerators.

Year-End Parties

Wrap up 365 days of hard work by hosting a year-end party for your company. This event type helps you show how far everyone has come since the beginning of the year. Above all, it is also the time to give recognition to people who have performed well and provide bonuses or gifts of appreciation for their efforts.

2. Private Event

When you book a private venue for life’s most special events, the options for creating the atmosphere of your dreams are endless. Don’t miss out on holding the following milestones at the perfect private event space. 

Birthdays or Wedding Anniversaries

Birthdays and anniversaries are all about celebrating life and love and the wonderful existence of the celebrant(s). To have it in a closed-door venue with only your nearest and dearest will make it even more special and intimate. 

This is especially true for bigger occasions that require hiring a band or DJ. Why crowd your home when you can gather everyone in a central location that’s equipped with all the amenities you’d ever need?

Themed Parties

Looking for ways to level up your event-hosting arsenal? If so, you should try throwing a themed party!

This is a fun way to bring out your guests’ creativity by following a specific dress code fitting to the motif. On top of that, the venue will be decorated just how you like, with matching ornaments that will bring all your themed-party dreams to life. 

Baby Showers

Announce to your loved that a bundle of joy is on the way by hosting a baby shower. Parents, grandparents, and friends gather and celebrate the pregnant couple as they get ready for a new chapter. Holding this wonderful event at a private venue that you can transform into an enchanting space will make it all the more memorable. 

3. Product Launches

Another event type that was made for private venues is a product launch. This type of private event is when a brand or business invites customers, influencers, and stakeholders to witness the unveiling of a new product. 

A woman beside a rack of clothes reviewing documents

Additionally, a product launch is a function that media and press attend. They are present to document and ask questions about the newly released products. From there, the information will then be published on sites and news outlets for the public to see.

People present at this event get the full story behind the product creation. What better way to tell this story than by designing a private event space to perfection? It’s a great way to embody sophistication and next-level branding. 

4. Weddings and Receptions

An intimate wedding held at a private event space is a great choice because you can share the moment with the people closest to you. Seeing the bride and groom exchange their vows in a magical and historical venue is definitely a sight to behold. Plus, it’s great for unique photo opportunities

5. Photoshoots and Video Shoots

The setting or location is one of the most important factors that makes a good photo. The background and elements present in the surroundings help to tell a story that draws the audience in. That is why companies and photographers opt to book a private venue to set up a studio where they can create the look and feel they are going for. 

The Loft on King’s event space

The Loft on King: The Perfect Space for Diverse Event Types

If you are looking for the best private event space Toronto has to offer, The Loft on King is here to heed your call. 

Situated in the heart of downtown Toronto, our location is considered to be part of the Ontario Heritage Act for its cultural significance. As a modern, minimalistic space, it’ll serve as a versatile location that you can easily mould to fit the needs of various event types.  

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