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6 Ways Your Guests Can Participate in Your Wedding Ceremony

Getting married is a magical milestone that celebrates the fact that you have found an extension of yourself in another person. In a world filled with over seven billion people, how wonderful is it to know that there is a soulmate for us all, just waiting to be found?

If you’re counting down the days ‘till your wedding ceremony, we’re sure that you’re currently looking for ways to make this special day all the more special – by including your nearest and dearest in the festivities. 

Not to jump on the bandwagon, but we’ll let you in on a secret: the shorter the guest list, the more festive the occasion will be! Inviting only those closest to you to witness you and your partner exchange vows opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to involving your guests in the wedding ceremony. A small wedding gives your guests the opportunity to really  be a part of the moment, rather than just stand on the sidelines taking photos. 

If you agree that a small wedding has a nice ring to it, here are six ways to involve your guests in your wedding ceremony! 

Wedding guests throw confetti at the newlyweds

1. Make Guests Part of the Procession

When guests are in the marriage procession, it makes them feel like they are an important part of the wedding ceremony. With a smaller guest count, you can have all of them join in. To add an even more festive mood to this grand beginning, you can even lead guests into a musical procession. It’ll be a wedding (musical) to remember!

2. Have a Prayer Circle

When you incorporate a prayer circle into your wedding ceremony, it can truly make the occasion more special. Loved ones can recite a prayer from the Bible or create their own well-wishes to bless your union as a couple while they join hands around you. Though this may have religious roots, it can also be a secular practice, showing that the couple’s loved ones offer their full support and well-wishes as the bride and groom enter into a new phase in their life. 

Be warned though, this may catalyze buckets of happy tears from your family and friends. We advise you to have boxes of tissue ready once the prayer circle concludes! 

3. Do a Ring Warming Ceremony

A ring warming ceremony is when you allow each of the guests to hold the ring and imbue it with their positive wishes, blessings, or prayers for your marriage. It is an endearingly heart-warming practice and very easy to arrange at a wedding ceremony. A wedding ring already carries a strong meaning, but once all your close relatives and friends sprinkle their very own wish dust on it, that truly seals the deal.    

4. Ask Guests to Recite Vows

With a small wedding, guests can be allowed to stand up and “recite their vows” to the bride, groom, or both. These vows are the promises that they give to the couple as they enter into marriage. Though, deep down, we may already know that loved ones are there to support us, hearing these promises on your special day can be a truly memorable experience — potentially a tearjerker in the best kind of way! For longer guest lists of more than 40 people, you can choose to have guests recite their vows per group.  

Again, boxes of tissue will be your guests’ saviour. Might we suggest waterproof mascara as a precaution? 

5. Include Guests in the Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle ceremony typically involves the bride and groom taking their own candles and lighting a single unity candle. You can involve the guests in this well-known part of the wedding ceremony; they will each take their candles and light it from the fire of the unity candle, passing it on to each other until all of their individual candles are lit. This is a lovely practice that shows unity among everyone involved in the ceremony. It’s also quite beautiful to watch – and makes for a great wedding photo opportunity

Lit candles symbolize light and hope, so giving your guests the opportunity to participate in the unity candle ceremony only adds more radiant blessings to your journey as newlyweds! 

6. Let Them Help You Plan a Surprise

We all cry tears of joy at weddings, because somehow our tear ducts forget how to control themselves when we see two people celebrating their eternal love for each other. So, in order to incorporate some laughter into your wedding ceremony, why not ask some of your guests to help you plan a surprise for your bride/groom?

Whether it’s a song number, a dance performance, or a poetry reading, the key is to have your guests get involved as much as possible. Of course, be stealthy about it!   

A bride and groom dancing in the streets

Make Your Wedding Ceremony the Biggest Event of the Year

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With the right venue, mood, and theme, your small wedding ceremony will become the biggest event of the year. Give us a call today to start planning day one of your forever!