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10 Wonderful Ideas for a Wedding Anniversary

Whether it’s your first or 50th anniversary, celebrating the day of you and your partner’s union is a huge deal. This tradition not only keeps the fire alive but it also gives you space to reminisce about your special day with your loved ones.

If you’re looking for wedding anniversary party ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Discover a variety of wedding anniversary themes that complement the milestones you’ve accomplished together. No one ever said marriage was easy—but celebrating your love should be!

Romantic 1st Anniversary Party Ideas

Traditionally, the first anniversary is associated with blank paper. This is because paper symbolizes the fragility of a blossoming relationship. It’s a blank slate; a space where couples can mark a new chapter in their lives and fill the spaces with precious memories.

Here are some small anniversary party ideas to celebrate your new beginning:

  1. Have a Paper-Themed Party

  2. Keep things simple and elegant by throwing an elevated paper-themed anniversary party. Get creative and consider adorning your private venue with bouquets made from paper and with blank cards that guests can fill with personalized messages.

    Some paper-themed gifts you can give your guests are:

    • Anniversary bookmarks
    • Notepads
    • Mini planners
    • Photo booth pictures

    Looking to have more fun with this theme? If you and your partner are fans of The Office, why not make the anniversary Dunder Mifflin Paper Company themed? Paper-adjacent, this speaks to the type of relationship you both have, is quirky, and still ties in tradition!

  3. Prepare Customized Champagne Bottles for Your Guests

  4. Make the day extra memorable for your loved ones by gifting them personalized champagne bottles. Add some extra flair by customizing the bottle labels with your own design and include your names and your wedding date. No one would forget to take home this party favour!

    Exciting Ideas for a 5th Wedding Anniversary

    Wood symbolizes strength and stability, which is the perfect representation of a couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. It depicts a solid relationship and the strong roots you and your partner are growing together.

    Modern themes often centre around silverware, but there’s still an appeal to using wood, trees or nature as the main concept for your wedding anniversary.

    To help you out, here are some wedding anniversary party ideas you can try with guests:

  5. Arrange a Tree-Planting Party

  6. If you and your partner are nature lovers, why not host a tree-planting party for your fifth wedding anniversary? Invite your closest friends and family and ask them to bring a tree sapling of their own or provide seedlings and you all can plant them together.

    Not only are you honouring you and your partner’s growing love for one another, but you’re also making an effort to save the environment.

  7. Host an Outdoor Picnic

  8. After the tree-planting party, consider planning an outdoor picnic. Bring gingham blankets and place them near the site so everyone can rest up. After all, tree planting can be tiring and your guests need to be nurtured, too!

    Bonding over your hard work, delicious snacks and bubbly drinks will make your wedding anniversary even more memorable.

    Inspiring Ways to Celebrate Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

    Reaching 10 years with your partner marks the marriage’s tin or aluminum season. This type of metal is known for its flexibility and malleability, as well as for being strong and durable. This is the best way to describe the qualities of your unconditional 10-year relationship.

    a couple drinking campagne at their wedding anniversary

    If you’re looking for anniversary dinner party ideas, consider doing the following:

  9. Renew Your Weddings Vows

  10. A renewal of your vows during your 10th anniversary is the perfect way to reconnect with your partner and maintain your deep understanding of each other. When writing your promises, try to use descriptive words that are akin to the characteristics of the symbols that represent tin and aluminum.

    Of course, this ceremony won’t be complete without witnesses. Invite your closest friends and family to make it more intimate and special.

  11. Have a “Diamonds Only” Dinner Party

  12. Replace tin with diamonds to create a modern wedding anniversary party. Elevate the evening by hosting a glitz and glam dinner party and go all out on the food and drinks. Complete the night by enforcing a ‘diamonds only’ dress code and get your guests to dress up in their most elaborate gowns and suits to have a star-studded affair!

    Celebrate 25 Years of Marriage With These Romantic Ideas

    In wedding traditions, 25 years of being together is linked with silver, a valuable and tarnish-free metal.

    Silver is a popular and versatile party theme, but here are our suggestions to make your anniversary more special:

  13. Throw a Silver Lining Party for Your Guests

  14. Hosting a big indoor party is a tried and tested way to successfully throw a wedding anniversary celebration. Booking a venue eliminates the stress of preparing your home, feeding everyone, or even making sure that you have the space for entertainment.

    Accentuate your choice of venue with the colour blue to create a timeless, romantic, and laid-back atmosphere. Consider placing bouquets of irises on the tables. This is the traditional flower of a 25th wedding anniversary and signifies good news, strength and admiration.

    Let the venue take care of the details while you and your beau bask in the limelight!

  15. Create an Anniversary Video Journal With Your Guests

  16. Ask your guests to participate in memorializing the event by getting everyone to record a short message during the night. Here, they can share specific memories they shared with you over the course of your marriage, any funny stories, or even just words of wisdom. You and your partner will cherish this video for years to come!

    an married couple holding hands at their 50th wedding celebration

    Ways to Celebrate Your Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary

    The 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden year of your marriage, meaning to say your relationship is strong and won’t corrode.

    Here are some wedding anniversary party ideas you can try with friends and family:

  17. Recreate Your Wedding Day

  18. What better way to commemorate your 50th wedding anniversary than to recreate your wedding day. Invite your original guest list and have them witness you and your partner walk down the aisle again. This is also the perfect time to renew your vows to celebrate the longevity of your marriage.

  19. Throw an Art Deco-Themed Reception Party

  20. It’s natural to throw a reception right after a wedding. But add a twist to yours by making it Art Deco themed. This motif implements black, white and gold accents and gives off an expensive appearance altogether. Complete the party’s vibe by letting your guests wear Art Deco fashion, which is known for its sharp looks and geometric patterns.

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