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Top Wedding Cake Trends for 2024

Weddings are the time to have your cake and eat it, too!

Wedding cakes are more than just desserts; they’re a symbol of your love, your personality, your culture, and your style. Like an awesome wedding venue, they’re a core part of the experience that must be chosen carefully.

If you need inspiration, then this list of the latest wedding cake trends is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. One might even take the cake—pun absolutely intended.

Let’s get into it!

Geometric Wedding Cakes

Geometric wedding cakes are a modern and minimalist way to make a statement.

This style is one of the current trends in wedding cakes that features sharp angles, clean lines, and bold shapes, such as hexagons, triangles, or squares. You can opt for a single geometric tier, or stack them up for a dramatic effect.

Giant Tiered Cakes

 a tall, tiered wedding cake topped with two husband and wife teddy bears

Are you the type to go big or go home? Well, tiered cakes are one of the biggest wedding cake trends—literally and figuratively!

These towering creations can have as many as seven or eight layers decorated with elaborate details like sugar flowers, lace, or ribbons. They’re perfect for large weddings or even conferences when you want to impress guests with lavish tastes.

Naked Wedding Cakes

 A single-tiered naked wedding cake topped with dried flowers

Naked cakes are a great way to have your guests taste popular wedding cake flavours without any pomp and circumstance. These cakes have little to no frosting or fondant covering the cake layers, instead exposing the texture of the cake and its filling.

This is one of the latest trends in wedding cakes and is a popular choice for outdoor or garden weddings in the summer or early fall, or for couples who prefer a more casual and cozy vibe.

Lambeth Cakes

 a white Lambeth-style cake on a pink background

Lambeth cakes originated in England and were popularized by Joseph Lambeth in 1934. Since then, they’ve become known for their intricate piping work used to create elaborate patterns and designs on the cake’s surface.

These wedding cakes are a vintage and elegant way to add some romance and charm to your once-in-a-lifetime day. They’re also a great way to showcase the artistic skills of the creative cake designers you hired.

Drip Cakes

Drip cakes are one of the latest trends taking the wedding cake industry by storm.

The drip can be made with any popular wedding cake flavours and pipings, meaning you can have fun reinventing it to your liking. They can also be topped with fresh fruits, candies, sprinkles, or flowers for extra texture!

Metallic Accents

A wedding cake with metallic gold leaf accents

Metallic accents are one of the current trends in wedding cakes being adopted by those looking to add extra glitz and glam to their special day. Gold, silver, copper, or rose gold hues can be applied as edible paint, dust, leaf, or foil.

These accents can create a striking contrast with the cake colour or blend in for a subtle shimmer. They can also be used to highlight certain features or patterns.

Geode Cakes

A white geode wedding cake with gold, pink, and purple isomalt detailing

Looking for something more maximalist at your wedding? Try geode cakes!

This is one of the most unique wedding cake trends. It incorporates crystals to make a cut-out section of the cake look like a rock formation. This geode detailing can be whatever colour you like and is made of sugar, rock candy, or isomalt. Geode cakes are a stunning and artistic choice that can add some serious intrigue.

Edible Pressed Flowers

If the list so far has left you wishing the latest wedding cake trends were a bit more natural and delicate, then you need to check out edible pressed flower cakes!

These use real, food-safe flowers that have been pressed and dried, then applied to the cake surface with edible glue or frosting. These edible flowers can add some colour and life to your cake while being styled to match your bouquet or centrepiece.

Translucent Isomalt Designs

 a close-up of an isomalt flower on top of a wedding cake

Want wedding cakes that look like a piece of art? Well then here’s a wedding cake trend you’re going to love: translucent isomalt design.

Isomalt is a sugar substitute that can be easily melted and moulded into various shapes and forms. It can then be used to create a stunning effect when used to decorate cakes, especially when combined with vibrant colours.

Tone-On-Tone with Stencils

Tone-on-tone stencilling is a technique that involves using stencils to create patterns or designs that are the same colour as the cake.

For example, you can have a white wedding cake with white lace fondant patterns or a pink wedding cake with pink flower patterns. Tone-on-tone with stencils can add some subtle elegance to your cake while also highlighting its shape and structure.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too On Your Wedding Day

Now that you know all about the latest trends in wedding cakes, next up is finding somewhere to share this delicious treat with your loved ones.

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