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23 Wedding Photo Ideas for Your Big Day

In this day and age it’s natural to want to document every single thing you do through photos and videos. From brunch on a random sunny Wednesday in the middle of June, to videos of our pet being silly. So, you can already imagine capturing a day as monumental as your wedding day in 4K Ultra HD is a must

If you are in the midst of planning your big day, coming up with wedding photo ideas should be high up on your priority list. A wise man once said that time flies when you’re having fun, so you want to make sure that all the precious moments of your nuptial ceremony are caught on camera for you to cherish forever. 

This is why your mission is to coordinate with your photographer about the concept of your dreams. From the hair and makeup, to the grand exit, all the way to your honeymoon destination; everything needs to be captured on camera. 

If you need a little burst of inspiration, these 23 wedding photo ideas will ignite little sparklers of aesthetic ingenuity just in time for your big day!

1. The Invitation Cards

All wedding photo ideas begin with the invitation card. This is the official announcement that you will be tying the knot, and it should be a perfect reflection of what you personify as a couple.

Talk with your photographer on the concept you want for this wedding photo idea. Do you want it to be minimalistic or do you want to jazz it up with some flowers or bows? Every minute detail counts. 

A wedding invitation card

2. The Makeup Moment

The thrill of getting ready for a big event is already half the fun. When you let your photographer in on the makeup moments, you’ll get endearing candid shots of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen while they get all glammed and dapper before walking down the aisle. 

Transformation photos are wonderful memories to look back on! 

3. The Accessories

Your accessories can make or break your entire wedding look, and because of that, we’re sure that you spent a lot of time handpicking the hairpiece, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, and ties. Since accessories play such a vital role in the overall look of the bride and the groom, they deserve to be featured in a photo of their own.  

Pro tip: For the blushing bride, make sure to capture the “something old”, “something new”, “something borrowed”, and “something blue”!  

4. The Shoes 

You can never be too detailed when it comes to your big day, so make sure to have a cute snap of your stylish footwear too!

5. The Dress and the Tux 

Before you newlyweds-to-be get dressed for the ceremony, you can invite your photographer to take a photo of your wedding dress and tuxedo on the hangers or dress forms.  

6. Getting Ready

Now that you have completed the glamour shots of the gown, tuxedo, and accessories, it’s time to suit up and get ready for the wedding. 

In this case, the perfect wedding photo idea would be to have your photographer snap a picture of your mom or maid of honour zipping up your gown. 

For the groom, it’ll be great to have him strike a pose with his parents or groomsmen helping him tie his tie.  

A bride looking into a mirror checking her hair

7. The Beauty Shots

A lot of love and effort went into your hair, makeup, and outfits, so it’s only right that you both strike poses to really flaunt your wedding looks. Connect with your photographer, so you can let your personality shine. Don’t be scared to try out all the wedding photo ideas and poses!

It’s tradition for the bride and groom to steer clear of each other before that magical walk down the aisle, so it’ll be best for you two to have these beauty shots taken separately. You don’t wanna spoil the surprise!

8. The Bouquet

A wedding bouquet is the finishing touch to a bride’s look, and whether your florals are extravagant or simple, they’re beautiful elements that need to be part of your wedding photography plan. 

Plus, you’ll be giving (or tossing) your bouquet to a lucky lady later on, so you want to get a good shot of it to keep for yourself!  

9. The Rings 

The rings symbolize your eternal bond as husband and wife, so ask your photographer to capture them in the most ethereal light possible. Perhaps on a pillow or in the ring bearer’s hands.

Wedding rings in a glass box

10. The Entourage 

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are part of your squad who support you throughout the entire planning process of your wedding, so give them a moment in the spotlight too! 

If they can unleash both their coolest and funniest wedding shoot poses, that would really add unique flair to your photo album.

11. The First Look

Some couples want the first look photos to be taken before the ceremony, but others would rather wait for that highly-anticipated walk down the aisle. It’s up to you to decide, but whatever you choose, make sure to ask your photographer to capture that moment of sheer surprise on both your faces!   

12. The Walk Down the Aisle

Among all wedding photo ideas, this one is a given. You want individual pictures of everyone; but especially the bride walking arm in arm with her proud parents. 

This moment is bound to be brimming with every emotion known to humankind. Many will be smiling, others will be crying, and some may be smiling and crying at the same time. Oh, so camera-worthy.

A bride smiling with her bridesmaids

13. The Ring Exchange

Ask your photographer to set the shutter button on sports mode to catch this moment in action, because the ring exchange seals the deal!  

14. The First Kiss

When cheers erupt at the venue, you know that the bride and groom just shared their first kiss as an official married couple. Having it on camera is bound to put a smile on your face when you look back at this sweet and magical moment.  

15. The Wedding Venue

This photo can be taken before or after the ceremony in order for you to have a souvenir of the wedding venue’s ambience. 

16. The Confetti Moment

Having your guests throw rice and confetti into the air while you rush out of the venue and head to the reception area is 100% a photo-worthy moment. All the candid smiles will truly make the photos glow! 

17. The First Moments as Newlyweds

Steal a bit of time before you enter the wedding reception venue to get glamorous photos in your first moments as newlyweds! 

Don’t be afraid to get playful with this wedding photo idea. If you’re naturally quirky and goofy, let that element take centrestage! 

18. The Wedding Reception

Once the party gets started, ask your photographer to snap pictures of all the candid fun in action. The more natural and unscripted, the better! 

Don’t forget to make the most of the season too. If it’s summer, take full advantage of the natural warmth that shines through. If it’s a winter wedding, get lots of photos with the snow as your backdrop. 

19. Table Setting

Let the table setting and menu shine in their very own photo op!

A table setting at a wedding reception

20. The Cake

A lot of artistry went into the creation of your wedding cake, and we’re certain that it looks too good to eat! Nevertheless, you are bound to cut into it and relish its deliciousness, so just make sure to get a beautiful photo of it before you whip out the cake knife.

Once the cake is captured in all its perfect glory, you’d also want images of you cutting it… and rubbing icing on each other’s faces. 

21. The First Dance 

You don’t have to be a professional dancer to “wow” the crowd with your adorable first dance as a married couple, because it’s all about marking a monumental moment and having fun, of course. 

In fact, if you each have two left feet, you can count on your first dance photos to look even better! 

22. The Bouquet Toss 

Ah, the moment that all the single women at your wedding have been waiting for: the bouquet toss! Legend has it that the one who catches the bouquet is the next one to tie the knot. 

Better have your photographer be armed and ready for this competitive shot! 

23. The Exit to the Honeymoon

Once you exit the party to run off into the sunset (we mean honeymoon), your photographer has just one more job left to do before you head out; and that’s to capture a dreamy photo of the happy couple exiting the wedding reception and entering a new chapter as a married couple… possibly with their guests throwing more confetti, petals, rice, and maybe some sparklers too! 

A bride and groom

Live Your Whimsical Wedding Photo Ideas at the Loft on King 

Your wedding photography dreams will become a reality when you walk down the aisle at The Loft On King — a photogenic venue that will serve as the perfect backdrop to bringing all your aesthetic dreams to life. 

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