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What Is a Micro Wedding and Should You Have One?

Planning a wedding is a labour of love, but a labour nonetheless. The hard work dedicated to creating the perfect nuptial ceremony takes a ton of time and effort, but it all culminates in the wedding of your dreams.

For many years, large and lavish weddings have been the standard for tying the knot. What better way to celebrate your union than by booking the perfect venue, inviting hundreds of guests, hiring a luxurious planner, and employing the services of 5-star catering professionals? 

On the flipside of the coin, you’ll find that micro weddings can be just as extravagant as big weddings.

A micro wedding in simple words is a small and intimate ceremony, which often has no more than 50 people. Nevertheless, it includes the treasured customs and traditions that distinguish a wedding, although on a micro level.

Grandiose is in the eye of the beholder, as other brides and grooms prefer to tone it down a notch and bask in a more relaxed atmosphere as they say their vows surrounded by their nearest and dearest. There’s a certain unique charm that surrounds micro weddings that cannot be described in words. 

So, future newlyweds, if you’re browsing the web to find reasons why dreamy micro weddings are all the rage right now, you’re about to discover how smaller ceremonies can be larger than life. 

A Micro Wedding in Detail

To avoid any confusion, a micro wedding is not the same as elopement, as the latter only involves the couple and a wedding officiant. On the other hand, micro weddings usually have 20 to 50 guests that include the couple’s close family members and friends. 

The magic of a micro wedding is that the bride and groom won’t have to forgo any of the traditional nuptial ceremony features, as it is literally just a smaller and more intimate version of larger-scale weddings. 

All the elements of a beautiful wedding will still be there, such as an elegant venue, delicious catering, great music, and most importantly: the attendance of your loved ones.  

A bride and groom dancing at their micro wedding

Reasons to Have a Micro Wedding

Relaxed Atmosphere

Hosting a large traditional wedding comes with a lot of formalities and huge expectations – which can easily create a slightly antsy mood among guests. This is where micro weddings differ; they reduce levels of formality and promote a more casual and free-flowing atmosphere. 

Based on your personality and preferences, the casual overtones of micro weddings may speak to you more than their grander counterparts. 

Less Planning Stress

Gearing up to say your “I do’s” requires a lot of time and effort from the bride, the groom, their families, friends, and the wedding planner. It’s inevitable that all parties involved will feel the intense pressure as much as they bask in the excitement of your upcoming big day.  

Everything has to be perfect; from the smallest seams of the wedding gown, the colour of the tux, and the entourage’s attire all the way to the videography team, photography concepts, flower arrangements, and menu. The list goes on endlessly – and missing a beat is not an option. 

Luckily, you won’t have to be neck-deep in wedding planning stress when you opt for a small but sweet micro wedding. Logistically speaking, all the aforementioned elements still need to be flawless, but they just need to be flawless on a much smaller scale for approximately 20 to 50 guests. 

With fewer invitations to send out, a smaller venue to book, more compact menu choices to handle, and fewer party favours to prepare, you’ll have more breathing room to actually enjoy and be present in the wonderful experience of planning one of the happiest moments of your life. 

More Cost-Effective   

The math is simple. When you invite only a select number of people to witness you and your soulmate exchange vows, your expenditures will shrink dramatically. This doesn’t mean that your big day will be any less indulgent or memorable. In fact, the simplicity of it all might even add to its understated beauty. Your guest list may be shorter, but it’ll surely be filled with love from the people closest to your heart. 

So, if you’re the practical bride and groom who want to keep the nuptial festivities simple and go big on your honeymoon or invest in other things instead, you’ll love the cost-effective advantage that goes hand-in-hand with a micro wedding. 

Perfect for Minimalists

Not everyone thrives under a spotlight. The introverted bride and groom, in particular, may not be comfortable with a big wedding with hundreds of eyes focused on them as they stand in front of the altar, cut the cake, or have their first dance as husband and wife. 

If you’re a pair of minimalists who would rather keep the festivities uncomplicated, then we just know that you’ll be leaning towards a micro wedding! 

Quality Time With Your Guests

The essence of a micro wedding lies in the concept of inviting only a handful of people. Characterized by an exclusive guest list, micro weddings embody the beauty of sharing this heartwarming milestone with those that you love most. 

A micro wedding truly provides an opportunity to really connect and interact with your guests, instead of the usual quick hellos and handshakes as you rove the room to thank people for coming. Thanks to the laid back vibe of small and sweet nuptials, newlyweds can actually spend time with their guests and enjoy the thrill of their big day.  

A bride standing next to a wedding cake at the Loft on King wedding venue

The Micro Wedding of Your Dreams With The Loft on King

If you’re asking us if you should have a micro wedding – the answer is yes! 

Taking your preferences into consideration, a micro wedding is a popular choice for many brides and grooms. So, jump on the bandwagon and discover the charm micro weddings can give your special day.

Modern meets historic when you walk down the aisle at The Loft On King. With captivating notes of the 18th century interwoven into the ethereal rustic walls of our wedding halls, your micro wedding will have the best of both worlds. 
Reach out to our team to book our venue, so you can take your first step to forever at The Loft On King!