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Tips for Choosing Where to Get Married in Toronto

Toronto offers a ton of wedding venues that’ll make your union romantic and memorable. The problem is: there are so many incredible options to choose from! 

Picking where to get married can be nerve-wracking because plenty of factors need to be considered, including the number of guests you’re inviting, the accessibility of the venue, and the price of renting it for your big day. 

To keep those nerves in check, we’ve prepared a list of seven tips for choosing the right wedding venue in Toronto:

1. Seek Help From a Wedding Planner

The first step for all wedding planning is to contact a planner. These professionals know all the answers to the most common event planning challenges, ensuring a more stress-free process. You’re meant to enjoy this huge event in your life—so leave all the heavy lifting up to the experts instead. 

If “where to get married in Toronto” is a question that keeps running through your mind, you can say that hiring a wedding planner will make things easier. Their familiarity with the city comes from their extensive experience and ocular visits, making them the best people to ask for advice from. These professionals will be ready to give you a complete list of all wedding venues in Toronto.

2. Where in Toronto Do You Want to Get Married?

Toronto is a dynamic city that offers multiple lovey-dovey sceneries perfect for your wedding. Narrow down your options by choosing your preferred wedding aesthetic first.

What’s a Wedding Aesthetic?

A wedding aesthetic represents the look and feel your ceremony embodies. Achieving this requires you to plan matching attires, decorations, and colour palettes. When combined, you can create the following wedding trends in terms of aesthetics:

  • Bohemian;
  • Fairytale;
  • Nautical;
  • Garden;
  • Rustic;
  • Vintage;
  • Whimsical; and
  • Winter

A wedding party celebrating at The Loft, an indoor rooftop wedding venue in Toronto

If you’re deciding on where to get married in Toronto, finalizing the wedding aesthetic should come first. You can expect to find the following types of wedding venues in this incredible city: 

  • Inner city – Perfect for modern weddings.
  • Meadow – Whimsical, garden, and rustic weddings fit well in this type of venue.
  • Seaside – This venue type can pull off nautical and sea-inspired aesthetics. 
  • Forest – Fairytale and bohemian weddings would look great in this venue type. 
  • Lakefront – A view of the lake creates a romantic yet calm wedding aesthetic. 

So, ask yourself: “What kind of wedding aesthetic should I have?” Your answer will lead you to a wedding venue you’ll love.

3. Visit Your Potential Wedding Venues in Toronto

After deciding on a wedding aesthetic, the next step is to visit the wedding venues in Toronto! Let’s be honest: relying on wedding venue photos is not enough. These images don’t give you a full scope of everything they have to offer, so making multiple trips to different wedding locations is the best solution. 

Checking out wedding venues in person will give you a whole new perspective on the following elements:

  • Mood – The energy of a venue matters because it affects you, your guests, and the entire ceremony. 
  • Size – Is the size of the wedding venue big enough to accommodate your guests? 
  • Lighting – You shouldn’t overlook this detail because lighting contributes to your wedding aesthetic and impacts all the photos and videos. 
  • Logistics – Visiting a wedding venue can give you an idea of the available materials and what other logistics still need to be taken care of. 

4. Your Wedding Date Matters

Planning where to get married in Toronto requires extensive preparation; many couples race against one another (and with time!) since venues quickly get fully booked. Some even consider having a weekday wedding for less competition. That’s why you must factor in your wedding date when choosing a place to get married.

Whenever you visit a wedding venue, always ask for their available dates. Note down their openings and list them on your calendar. 

A person notes down their wedding date on a calendar

5. Accessibility Is a Necessity

Another factor to consider when choosing where to get married is the venue’s accessibility. Indoor weddings are now increasingly popular because they provide more comfort than outdoor ceremonies. Most indoor venues are located in the city, making it easy for guests to find. 

If your wedding venue is far from town, search for accommodations nearby. This information is helpful so your guests have a place to stay after celebrating your wedding. Also, don’t forget to check available parking spaces near your wedding venue! 

6. Go for a Venue That Can House the Ceremony and Reception

Convenience should always be your main priority when booking a wedding venue. Instead of booking two separate places for the ceremony and reception, find one that can host both! This way, you save time and money because everyone stays in one place. An all-in-one wedding venue benefits your guests since they don’t have to go through the trouble of travelling to multiple locations.

7. Check Online Feedback

Before finalizing your choice and sending the down payment for the venue, check the location’s reviews first. This lets you see how the management treats clients and if they can pull off a successful event. If most of the reviews are brimming with five stars, that’s a good sign for you to book the venue for your wedding! 

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