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5 Reasons To Have A Weekday Wedding

Although it seems like weddings are always held on the weekend, celebrating on a weekday also has its perks. From scoring your dream venue to getting discounts left, right, and centre, weekday weddings are becoming more popular than you may think.

Still not convinced? Keep on reading to find out why you should hold a weekday wedding.

1. Weekday Weddings Help You Stay on Budget

Weekends (Saturdays in particular) are the most popular days of the week to hold a wedding. But it also tends to be the most expensive due to its high demand. Many businesses will capitalize on this—from venue rentals and vendor packages to food and drinks, you can expect to see hefty costs attached to your final bill.

Having a weekday wedding helps you cut costs across the board, especially on the venue.  Wedding locations usually offer discounted rates on receptions, ceremony fees, and similar expenses to fill dates between Monday and Thursday. Reach out to your desired venue to inquire about weekday rates!

Newlyweds cut the wedding cake together as part of tradition

2. Hotels and Airfares Are Easier on the Wallet During Weekdays

If you or any of your guests plan to fly in from overseas for the wedding, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see their airfare significantly cheaper on weekdays. Since there’s less demand for flights during the week, there’s a higher potential to score flight discounts.

Hotels also have more vacancies during the middle of the week, so to fill in the spaces the rates will be lower. Discounted room rates and cheaper flights are definitely convincing reasons to have a weekday wedding.

3. Weekday Weddings Mean Better Vendor Availability

Florists, photographers, caterers, or live bands tend to be booked and busy during the weekends. Their schedules tend to get reserved weeks or months in advance. 

If there’s a specific vendor you have in mind, check their availability on the weekday. Chances are, they have a lot more free time on weekdays than Saturdays or Sundays.

💡 Bonus tip: Try to schedule your wedding on a Wednesday! According to some, Wednesday is the best day of the week to get married because vendors are typically more open on that day. 

4. Weekday Weddings Mean More Intimate Affairs

If you prefer your occasion to be more intimate, then another perk of having a weekday wedding would be a much smaller guest count by default. Most couples usually stress over the guest list due to the fear of going over their budget—and all of this changes when you schedule a weekday wedding. This would automatically mean that only a few people available on weekdays will be in attendance. 

Blank RSVP Invite for a wedding.

Hosting a weekday wedding means you can expect a slightly lower RSVP rate. The good news is that your wedding will consist of only your closest friends and family members who wouldn’t pass up on celebrating your special day with you!

5. Secure Your Dream Venue With Ease

Your dream wedding venue may have all its weekend dates reserved for months—or years, even—in advance! But often, even the most exclusive of wedding locations have midweek availability. 

These weekday openings aren’t only available during the lean season. They may have free dates during peak season and at a discounted price!

A bride at The Loft on King’s wedding venue

Celebrate Weekday Weddings at The Loft on King

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Even better, The Loft on King still has available dates for weddings until the end of the year! Contact us now to book a site visit.